Learning Your Spirit Guide’s Name

I was almost fast asleep (it’s 12:34AM now) and completely exhausted when I was urged by Spirit to write this article, so I’m going to let my guides take over now to help you learn what your Spirit Guide’s name is.  Okay, they are going to work with me, they said, so I can share some of my stories at the same time.  They just said that helps add character to the article.  Okay, here goes:

First, let us say that it really doesn’t matter what you call us, we are happy with any name.  However, we understand that on your plane, names give a certain familiarity and sameness that is very comforting to you.  We are ever changing energy, constantly moving and adapting, constantly taking new form and shape, but we understand that names are very important on your plane, so we are happy to give you names to refer to us by.  Some of these names refer to our energy characteristics, much like you would name a child and look up the meaning to make sure it is characteristic of qualities you feel your new child will have. (This led to a long message about conceiving children).

You have many guides and many spirits around you, and we are happy to give you names to refer to us by.

I was just guided to take over, so here are my stories:

The first time I learned a name of my guide, it was my primary guide, Gabriel.  I quieted my mind and asked what my guide’s name was.  The first thing that came into my mind was Gabriel.  I didn’t trust that right away, but it has been confirmed numerous times.  It is amazing the many ways spirits will confirm information.  Most recently, I went into a metaphysical shop where the owner picked up an “angel spray” and said he was intuitively led to pick up this one for me.  He turned the bottle around, and the scent was named Gabriel.  I’ve know Gabriel’s name and been communicating with him for at least 15 years.

Another time, I saw an Indian guide who helps me ground myself.  I saw him while meditating to ground myself, and we were in a drum circle drumming and stomping the ground.  If you are interested in grounding your energy, doing these activities is very effective.  Get out those pots and pans!  I asked what his name was.  The next morning, just before I woke up I saw in my head the word MORE, a plus sign, and a picture of Abe Lincoln.  It kept flashing one part at a time until my conscious mind realized what was going on and caught on to the message.  I kept saying More+Abe repeatedly until I finally realized his name was Morabe.  I have looked for the meaning of this name, but haven’t found anything.  I don’t know if the spelling is off and it just sounds like Morabe or what.  Either way, that’s his name.

Another time, I was lying in bed and a face came right up to mine.  It sounds a little scary, but actually it was really funny.  I felt a lighthearted, happy energy, and I saw the face clearly.  It was a man with a round face and cherub cheeks.  He had a wreath around his head and looked very Grecian (toga-like outfit and all).  He said his name was Hercedes and that he was from 4000BC.  I asked him what he did then, and he said he worked on the wheel.  I got the feeling he wasn’t actually inventing the wheel, but working on a mechanism to help it turn better in carts and such.  I’m not a history buff at all, so I had no idea if this was an accurate time period for that to be happening.  However, after doing some research online, I realized it was!  That was pretty cool.

So, in order to find out your Spirit Guide’s name (or guides’ names), just ask.  It’s best to ask while in meditation or while your mind is quieted so you will be able to hear their answer.  You can also ask before going to sleep at night, and affirm that you will receive the answer before you wake and will easily remember the name you are told.  When you get a name, if you are unsure, ask for signs that you heard correctly.  Be aware and open to receiving the signs.  You will know when you’ve received a sign.  Trust your intuition.

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  • Wendy

    This is so straight-forward and easy, I love that!

  • gladysboatwright

    This is so straight-forward and easy, I love that!

  • Boss109

    Are you a Christian? Are spirit guides Angels from Are God?
    Why are Hawks always coming to me? If you answer You will make me very happy.
     I once fell off a small ledge near a creak with sharp rocks at the bottom . My body fell forward but I turn all the way around and was able to grab the ledge and my brother pulled me up. NO WAY.

     I would have had to turn all the way around with out falling in mid air. Some one or God saved me,. I think it was my guide or a Angel. THANK YOU. 

    • http://www.melaniejaderummel.com Melanie Jade Rummel

      Hi Boss109,

      I believe Spirit Guides and Angels are part of the loving energy that is all around us and within us.

      It sounds like hawks might be an animal guide or totem for you. A great resource to figure out what it means is to check out the book Animal Speak, by Ted Andrews. It’s a very detailed encyclopedia of messages different animal guides have for us. A summary of what Ted Andrews says about hawks is at this website – http://newagemystic.com/hawktotem.aspx . As you’re reading about your totem, notice if any part of the description rings true to you. Pay attention to those parts and discard what doesn’t feel right to you. If none of it feels right, look up online “hawk symbolism”. Just keep looking until something “clicks” and feels like the right message for you. Alternatively, you could ask your Guides to help you understand what it means, and then pay attention to see if the answer presents itself in your meditation or in your daily life. 

      Hope this helps!

      Melanie Jade :)

  • Anmp

    Melanie, I need guidance..I was contacted one night by a man in glasses and a white robe..He told me his name was Don…I believe he is my guide. But since that night, he has not responded to my calls..Meditation is difficult for me, as I do not have a relaxed mind. How can I get Don to meet me halfway/

    • http://www.melaniejaderummel.com Melanie Jade Rummel

      Hi Anmp! Your mind has to be relaxed and peaceful in order to hear the messages from your Guides. Meditation takes practice, but it is worth it if you want to be able to communicate with your Guides. You can start with just a few minutes a day. Another thing that is important is to practice being in the present moment, rather than being caught up in the thoughts in your head. Pay attention and remain aware of what you are seeing and doing, being in the present. Your Guides are always available to give you guidance, but you have to be in a state to listen. If you can’t quiet your mind, you can’t listen. It’s like prayer. Most people are fine asking for guidance, but they don’t do the second step of listening for the guidance. If this is really important to you, start practicing meditation and being in the moment. – Melanie Jade :)

      • Anmp

        Thank you greatly, and God Bless

  • Tigress

    Hey… how are you? Please, if it’s alright could i write some things about what has been going on for me recently? I’d really appreciate your advice on it.

    I have never really delved too much into personal guides or anything before now. When i was little i came to Christianity by myself and then in the last few years Buddhism blew my mind. However i began to get aggitated between organized religions and how a lot of them condemned others. This was difficult for me to get over since i realized that I didn’t know quite what to trust from organized religion anymore and i felt half Christian half buddhist… which i didn’t think either members would understand. It all came to a head a few days ago when i broke down over it (religion and spirituality means a lot to me…) and eventually i went into a spiritual shop and found a book on spirit guides. I thought that maybe if humans preaching at me couldn’t help me understand truth then i would have to look to what spirits themselves could teach me. I suddenly realized after reading the intro of the book that id put a finger between the pages. I looked at the page and it was on the Eagle spirit. When i was very little I had always been fascinated by Eagles and had a great love of them. I also rememeberd later that our family coat of arms is a blue shield with a gold eagle on it. I eventually bought a book on angels and while reading it a name suddenly came into my head: Yezriel. Id never heard of it lol, never in the Bible or any mention in the book id been reading. After reaserching the name all i could find was that Yezriel was one of 70 amulet angels that helped at childbirth. I nearly died a few times before i was born and was close to death at birth, so it figures that a childbirth angel was there helping me. This morning I went to Church after last night having asked for a sign if an Eagle was my spirit guide and if Yezriel was my angel etc and i got a reading in Church pounced on my unsuspectingly. I agreed to doing it and went up to read and then realized that the lecturn is made in the image of a gold eagle. I don’t know if this is saying that the eagle is my spirit guide or my animal spirit or animal totem or Yezriel taking the form of an eagle for me or what….. i’m really confused!! I’m sorry about the long message but i really want to understand… i’ve always wanted to understand spirituality. Please.. who does it sound like Yezriel and this eagle is?

    • http://www.melaniejaderummel.com Melanie Jade Rummel

      Hi Tigress,

      What a wonderful story! It sounds like you’ve been led all along. You were led to the book in the book store, you were led to the Eagle Spirit, you were led to the name and meaning of Yezriel, and you were led to the eagle symbolism. It sounds like your Spirit Guide’s name is Yezriel. He appears to you as an eagle, he’s been with you since birth (or before), and he is helping you as you are exploring your spirituality now. 

      The confusion comes when we try to categorize things. Humans love to categorize because it makes us feel like we have a greater understanding of something. We think if we can categorize something, the mystery is solved, and that puts our minds at ease. So is Yezriel an angel, and animal guide, a spirit guide, an animal totem???? To them, it doesn’t matter what we call them or how we categorize them. Based on what you’ve read (and because, based on your letter, it sounds like what you read is in accordance with what you feel), it sounds like he is a childbirth angel who appears to you as an eagle. 

      It’s common for our guides to show themselves to us as animals, sparks, objects, or any number of things. Usually, the symbol they use to let us know they are with us has special meaning. Thinking of what qualities you associate with eagles can help you understand how Yezriel helps you in your life, as well as qualities you have that you may not be aware of. 

      Relationships with Spirit Guides, just like relationships with people, will grow and develop over time. If you remain interested in learning about Yezriel, you will find out more about him throughout your life. You can also continue to ask Yezriel the questions you have and receive his answers. 

      As for your spirituality, I think that’s another case of trying to fit yourself into one category. Who says you can’t enjoy Buddhism AND Christianity? Okay, lots of people. :) But I think we are expansive, always evolving beings, and the more we try to fit ourselves into one category (or fit everything else into one category), the more we get frustrated and confused. You are who you are, and you have your own journey. Maybe your journey winds in and out of Buddhism & Christianity. Maybe tomorrow you’ll want to go to a drum circle, and the next day you’ll want to honor nature spirits. My personal suggestion is to allow yourself to enjoy every facet of life and spirituality that you want to enjoy, and release trying to fit yourself or your beliefs into a neat little box. 

      Congratulations on learning about Yezriel! I loved reading your story, and I’m so SO glad you shared your experience with me!

      Lots of love to you,
      Melanie Jade :)

      • Tigress

        Hey Melanie, how are you? :)
        First of all thank you so much for everything you wrote; your advice AND your kind words. I’m sorry that I have taken so long to reply but in complete honesty i’ve been spending time thinking over what you wrote. I understand what you say about categories, so i’m letting myself branch out a little. I let myself enjoy buddhist mantras now… Om Mani Padme Hum ^-^ <3 I have no doubt whatsover that Yezriel is looking out for me, but i'm scared of whether to associate the eagle and Yezriel with each other… if they are different and i think that Yezriel is appearing as the eagle i feel like i would offend the eagle guide. But if they are the same then it gets a lil confusing talking to them as if they were separate haha :') I understand though that ultimately its up to me to ask and listen to what the answer is, and i know that it would be difficult to disrespect them.

        Can i ask… is it possible for angels to take the form of animals? I've never heard of that happening before. Also is it strange if a guide has an angelic name?
        Finally… how do you phrase things to your guides? Is it a prayer or talking to a friend? Or is there no difference except the name lol? You help a lot of people on this site, thanks for all of your efforts and thank you for listening to me. (HUGS)
        God bless Melanie,
        lots of love :)
        Tigress <3

        • Tigress

          Sorry I’ve just realized that it doesn’t sound like I understand what you were saying about categories since i immediately came in with “Buddhist” mantras haha. I think i do understand, it’s just that sometimes im scared to embrace things that aren’t ‘Christian’ since it is so different from what I’m used to, so I was letting myself enjoy other things. I’m trying not to categorize, it’s just that concerning guides or angels i really want to be respectful… i know that if someone I cared about thought i was actually someone else id feel pretty left out (does that make sense? haha xD) Thanks for listening,
          <3 xxx

          • http://www.melaniejaderummel.com Melanie Jade Rummel

            Hi Tigress! 

            I understand that from a human perspective, if someone called
            you something you weren’t, you might get offended, but Spirit Guides don’t think like that. We have egos, which give us a sense of separateness, like “I am this. I am not that,” but Spirit Guides don’t. They realize they are part of the energy in everything, and they will not get offended. They’re just happy to communicate with you!  As you communicate with your Guides more over time, you will get more clarity about what to call them and how to think of them.

            Angels can appear to you as animals. They can appear as
            anything. Usually they appear to us in images that are either comfortable for us to accept or symbolic (or both). In reality, they are just energy. Also, it’s not strange that a guide has an angelic name. They can be named anything. Names of commonly known angels aren’t off-limits for everyone else :) 

            I talk to my Guides like I would talk to a friend. I talk to them just like I’m talking to you. I also ask them to help me in certain
            situations, which I guess is more like a prayer. I write letters to them often, because writing is an easy way for me to channel them, so sometimes I even talk to them in my mind like I’m writing a letter. Mark and I were getting on a flight the other week, we were running late, and I was worried that we wouldn’t get seats together (we flew Southwest, where you don’t get assigned seats). In
            my mind, as we were running to the gate, I said, “Dear Spirit Guides, PLEASE arrange for us to have seats together on this plane. Thank you!” We ended up not only getting 2 seats together, but we got an entire row to ourselves at the back of the plane. It was the only flight we’ve been on in the past 2 years that wasn’t fully booked (and we’ve flown A LOT!).  

            If I’m confused about something, I might just ask them a question in my mind. “How do people lose their sense of direction?” and then
            listen for the answer. The answer I get may lead me to ask another question. It’s a conversation. Sometimes I just tell them how I feel about what’s going on in my life. They love to communicate, they love to help, and you can communicate to them in whatever way is comfortable to you.

            The more you communicate with them, the more comfortable and
            easy it will feel to you. You’ll figure out the ways you like to get in touch with them, and what kind of relationship you want to have with them.

            I hope this helps!

            Melanie Jade :)

  • Kimberleelvelaz

    Hello Melanie, 
    I have been on this journey to connect with spirit guides and to find my own spiritual path lately. I am finding that I am on a “spiritual enlightenment” you may call, to find and connect.  It is something that I am finding myself engulfed with curiosity in. It’s interesting that you mentioned to speak to your spirit guides prior to going to bed. I did just that, and I remember hearing a female, but I cannot make out any words, faces, nothing. All I remember is black, and I also woke up in a pile of sweat. I think the experience was overwhelming for me. I am hoping to go on this journey to discover my spirit guides and angels with peace, an open mind and hopefully I land where I hope to be. Thank you for sharing this, I am so happy I came across your blog. Thank you! 

    • http://www.melaniejaderummel.com Melanie Jade Rummel

      Thank you so much for letting me know you like my blog, Klynn. Everyone’s experience in meeting their Guides is different, and I bet yours will be more peaceful (and less overwhelming) from now on since you have that intention. Are you keeping a journal of your experiences? Usually I remember many more details of my experiences as I’m writing them down. I wish you all the best! – Melanie Jade :)

      • KimberleeL

        Hi Melanie. Since that night, prior to going to bed I have been asking for a lighter and more peaceful greeting. I’m not remembering anything at all, but I did get a quick, and I mean quick vision this morning. I had the feeling of being in a circle while outside in a nature. So,  I’m journaling of what I think is coming through ,and I even wrote a letter. I feel like I’m slowly moving forward thanks to the posts and articles here on your site. Thank you for the guidance  : ) 

        • http://www.melaniejaderummel.com Melanie Jade Rummel

          That’s so great, Klynn. I’m so glad I could help :)

  • Isysan

    Hi Melanie, I’ve been doing some meditation recently and a tiger always appears near me, it never says anything and I’ve been trying to ask its name, I don’t understand why it won’t tell me, is just that I’m not listening? Today I also saw a man in a strange farmer’s hat and two names came into my head, Ephraim and Sam, how do I know which one is real and which one is my imagination?

    • Boss109

      MINE IS A Red tail hawk. I see on my way home or when I am at home. I see them all the time .

      • http://www.melaniejaderummel.com Melanie Jade Rummel

        That’s great, Boss 109!

    • http://www.melaniejaderummel.com Melanie Jade Rummel

      Hi Isysan!

      Maybe the tiger doesn’t have a name. You could name it if you want, of course. Sometimes animals may appear simply because their presence and what they represent is beneficial to you. Are you looking for its lips to move to indicate talking? If so, remember that you’ll most likely not see their lips moving. Instead, you’ll get a very gentle message in your mind. 

      As for the farmer, I would just take note of both names in your psychic journal, and next time you see him, ask him again what his name is. Or you can ask, “Is your name Sam?” (wait for answer) “Is your name Ephraim?” Talking to Spirits is very much like talking to people. If you met a person on the street and you didn’t understand what their name was, you’d simply repeat what you thought they said and ask if it was correct. If you are ever confused, you can simply ask for clarification. 

      I hope this helps, Isysan, and thank you for sharing your experience with me!

      Melanie Jade :)

  • Darryl

    Peace and Joy to you Melanie Jade:

    I am much like you in many ways and was drawn to your site.  In meditation, I have felt the presence of my spirit guide many times, but have never received anything telepathically including their name.  While dowsing tonight, I asked my spirit guide if they would tell me their name, the answer was yes.  Dowsing for a name can take a long time with 24 letters in the alphabet and an unknown number of letters in a name. 

    To my surprise, it only took a few minutes and my spirit guide told me their name was ARINGNE.  I have several spirits that watch me, my dog sees them often and tells me when they are near, but I feel their presence anyway.  I have digital pictures of some and some do not look friendly.  I asked my spirit guide if any of them were evil, the answer was no. 

    I have been using hypnosis myself since I was very young, too young some would say, but a natural.  Knowing what to do and say correctly without any training.  My closest sister passed 2 years ago, which devistated my next closest sister and myself.  After the memorial service, my living sister agreed to hypnosis to communicate with her.  My sister that passed, spoke through my living sister as she was still very close to the vail.  We talked over two hours and she told me many things about the other side, but most ended with “that is all I can say.” 

    I feel a tempest within and around me between material and spiritual constantly and it feels to be building to something.  Perhaps it is the great enlightenment said to occur this year.  Other intuitives feel me near and when they see me, I actually feel them reading me.  It feels weird, like someone is examining you spiritually.  The energy is beginning to manifest itself physically.  I am drawn to an energy stone shop near my mountain home.  The owner feels my energy enter and the electricity in the shop goes crazy.  I was scared for her when she was shocked while plugging in one of those himalayan salt lamps.  She said that had never happened in her store and needless to say, she doesn’t go near an outlet when I visit now.

    I really don’t know why I am writing you all this, but I always follow what is guiding me.  Maybe there is a reason for it.  Maybe you know why I visited and wrote you this message.  Anyway, thanks for reading and I have enjoyed visiting your site very much. 

    Peace and Joy be with you and all those that visit your site.


    • http://www.melaniejaderummel.com Melanie Jade Rummel

      Hi Darryl! I’m so glad you enjoy my website, and thank you for sharing your experience with me. That’s a great idea to use a pendulum (although I agree with you that it could take some time!). 

      It sounds like, based on your influence on the electricity in the shop, that you might want to practice grounding your energy. Here’s one example of how to do this – 
      http://melaniejaderummel.com/basic-grounding-meditation/ When your energy is balanced and grounded, you’re less likely to cause electrical issues. Being grounded will also help you channel your energy. Otherwise, people with high psychic energy can walk around like sparklers, shooting off energy sparks everywhere, picking up on the energy all around them, and becoming frazzled. That is no bueno. Take care of yourself by grounding your energy and imagining a peaceful, protective shield or bubble around you that prevents you from randomly picking up on the energy around you.

      I hope this helps, Darryl, and thank you again for writing and sharing your experiences with me!

      Melanie Jade  :)

      • Darryl

        Hi Melanie Jade:
        Thank you so much for this advice, I really appreciate it and will give your grounding practices a try. 



  • Royfarmer7

    hi ive been asking for my guides to contact me just before i go to sleep and nothings been happening untill last night when i was dreaming i saw a face ,it looked  abit like two of my brothers put together and it was a sleep ,then ikept looking and he was trying to talk to me through a bit of glass and i couldnt here nothing
    what he was saying ,he did look disappionted ,as was i when i woke up ,was this person my giude as he didnt look very happy ,and will he come back, thanks roy

    • http://www.melaniejaderummel.com Melanie Jade Rummel

      Hi Roy,

      I’ve never known Spirit Guides to look disappointed. They are very loving and understanding. Mine sometimes joke with me or tell me I’m not listening to them, but I haven’t felt or experienced a sense of disappointment from them. Since he looked like your brothers, is it possible he could have been a family member who has passed into Spirit? 

      As for talking with you through glass, it’s possible that the glass is merely symbolic of the block in you hearing him. It does take time to be able to open up to hearing and seeing. If you see him again and picture the glass, maybe you could ask him in your mind how to the remove the glass or ask that it be removed. You might also picture drilling a hole through the glass so you can hear him. Use your imagination to get past your mental blocks to communication. It works!

      I hope this helps, Roy! It does take time to develop your ability to communicate with Guides and other Spirits sometimes, but it is well worth it. Have patience with yourself.

      Melanie Jade :)

  • Jen

    Hello Melanie Jade!

    I recently went to a psychic who told me many, many amazing things about myself and others in my life.  The experience being with him was calming, peaceful, and enlightening.  He said to me, as I have had several others say to me in the past (one reiki healer and other psychics) that I have several beings around me – 2 guides and 3 angels.  He also said I have a great deal of psychic abilities, and just need to trust in myself more than I do.

    I’ve always felt that I’ve had abilities.  I’ve seen entities twice now, in full detail, both times after waking in the middle of the night.  I’ve had the feelings of deja-vu, intuitively knowing when things will happen, and knowing how others are feeling.  I have also had the experience of lights often turning off or on when I am near – have you ever had this happen, or heard of this happening?  I read from another person on here they’ve had something similar, but my experience has been different, more of just a shutting off or turning on.

    Now that I’ve been told about my spirit guides, I’m extremely hopeful in discovering who they are.

    I tried meditating the other night laying in bed while listening to a beautiful chant of “Om mani padme hum” – I felt warmth in my back (as I have before during reiki) saw some reddish purple colors, and felt a cool breeze inbetween my palms.  I asked who was with me – and the first name I immediately heard was “Sarah.”  I have yet to look up the name and meanings, but it was an immediate answer.  I almost felt a bit overwhelmed – like I was about to rise out of my body. I also felt as though it took me a while to be able to move my body again after meditating.

    I’m hoping to be able to get more answers, but thank you so much for sharing your story on this blog.  I feel as though I was meant to find it, and it brings some comfort.  All my best  :)

    • http://www.melaniejaderummel.com Melanie Jade Rummel

      Hi Jen! 

      Yes I have had the experience of lights turning off and on, but not very often. One time I heard a noise in the middle of the night and I was really scared, but the light was too far away for me to get to, and I was scared to get out of bed. All of a sudden, the light turned on, and I felt the presence of my Guides reassuring me. I have heard of other people experiencing this as well. It’s very easy for Spirits to manipulate electricity. 

      I also love your meditation experience. I’ve had those feelings as well at times. Are you keeping a journal of your experiences? I really recommend keeping a psychic journal. The more you pay attention to, the more experiences you will have. Plus, it’s neat to read your journal after a year or so and be reminded of all the neat experiences you’ve had that you may have forgotten.

      Thank you so much for sharing with me, and I’m so glad you enjoy my blog!

      Melanie Jade :)

  • Prachichhabra2508

    Hi Melanie…
     Lots of Love… You have helped me a lot in past few weeks.
    i am doing your hypnosis track regularly for meeting the guides. i have one confusion here, every-time i meet my guide i get a different name. i cannot see my guide clearly but is it also possible that i get a different guide every time??? i have done this meditation for almost 4 -5 times and i got a different name each time.

    • http://www.melaniejaderummel.com/ Melanie Jade Rummel

      Hi Prachi! Yes, you are probably meeting with a different Guide each time. We have many different Spirit Guides. Over time, you may find that certain Guides appear more regularly. 

      I’m glad you’re enjoying your hypnosis track! (Prachi is talking about my Meet Spirit Guides Hypnosis audio download, available in my store – http://melaniejaderummel.com/store/#audio)

      Sending you love!

      Melanie Jade :)

  • Girlbaddie

     so  i keep seeing a  name  sam  could that mean sam my spiritual guide?

    • http://www.melaniejaderummel.com/ Melanie Jade Rummel

      Hi Girlbaddie! If your intention before you saw the name Sam was to learn your Spirit Guide’s name, then it probably is Sam. If that wasn’t your intention and you just received the name Sam, it could be any number of things, including a loved one in Spirit named Sam who is trying to let you know they are there, or maybe someone you’re going to meet soon who will help you in your life…It all depends on what your intention and focus was when you heard the name. 

      Sending you love!
      Melanie Jade :)

      • Girlbaddie

        oh ok so my intentions  keeps  telling  the sam i see is the one person in my dream .   its   hard to received a message in your dream and  trying to figure it out on my  own.  but every  dream i  had  came  true  with in  secs  i woke up .  so idk  the last dream  felt  like i was there but wasnt there looking threw someone else  eyes  it was werid. n my intentions from me to help him.

  • Anglee

    hello melanie   i got question i was  wondering if  its possiable  to have your  spirit guide  the same name as a other person with the same simialar  name  trying to tell you something?

    • http://www.melaniejaderummel.com/ Melanie Jade Rummel

      Hi Anglee,

      Yep, that’s technically possible. It might also be that the person with that name is currently acting as a type of guide for you in your life. Or maybe they are just making their presence known more loudly than your Spirit Guides. All those things are possible. You can continue to ask for clarification and communicate with your Guides in order to find out for sure. You can even tell your Guides, “I heard the name _____. Is that the name of one of my Spirit Guides? If so, please give me signs of confirmation so that I can be sure.”…or something along those lines :)

      I hope this helps, Anglee!

      Melanie Jade

      • Caitiecullen


        I’ve read that before calling on spirit guides you should say a little “prayer” or something to protect yourself from anything evil, negative, etc. Is this true or necessary? I’m ready to go to sleep and want to ask about my spirit guides but I’m scared I’ll attract something bad.


        • http://www.melaniejaderummel.com/ Melanie Jade Rummel

          Hi Catie,
          My Spirit Guides have said to never worry about connecting with negative Spirits. If your intention is to connect only with Spirit Guides, that is what you will experience. However, I do take time to imagine releasing any of my own thoughts and feelings that are not in alignment with my highest good. I imagine breathing in light and peace. Sometimes, I also say a prayer to state my intention. I do all of these things to calm my mind and raise my energy vibration, which makes it easier for me to connect and be aware of my Spirit Guides. Also, saying a prayer can help you connect with their positive energy even more strongly. The most important thing, though, is to be clear about your intention. Before you begin, state in your mind that you only want to connect with your loving Spirit Guides and other spiritual helpers who have your highest good in mind. Then, I recommend spending a few minutes inhaling love and peace, and exhaling slowly, imagining releasing all worries, concerns, and resistance. You can also imagine yourself surrounded by a shield of light that only lets positive energy through. Do whatever you need to do to calm your mind and make you feel safe. But do know that your Guides are always with you, they know you want to connect with them, and they will help make it the best experience possible for you.Sending you love,Melanie Jade

          • ALisha

            Even this sometimes is extrememly hard for me I visualize bright white light or gold light surounding me or not letting in anything dark and always see or feel black light or black shadow getting in or comming through. I even visualize zapping it or evaporating it back out and either I still see or find some inside i can’t get rid of or can when I think its all gone i see more or another one….trying to be of pure light or pure goodness has yet to be accomplished with me. i just do as much as I can

          • http://MelanieJadeRummel.com/ Melanie Jade Rummel

            Hi Alisha,

            Just focus on releasing any negative or fearful thoughts you may have, rather than worrying about outside forces. Breathe in positive energy, breathe out any distracting thoughts. Doing this will allow you to raise your vibration and more easily contact your Spirit Guides. There’s no need to worry about outside entities. Just focus on yourself and feeling at peace.

  • Soyjoy

    Hi Melanie…it has been quite a few months now (probably about 7) that I had asked my spirit guide for his/her name.I kept asking every night before dozing off – in a meditative kind of state. Then I would fall asleep. I had a dream that centered around the number 44 and  ever since then I keep seeing the number 44 appear. EVERYWHERE!!! I am wondering…. could this be my spirit guide and instead of a name could it be a number?  

  • Soyjoy

    Could a spirit guide have a number for a name? I keep seeing the number 44 everywhere and am trying to figure out why I keep seeing it. It transpired after I had been trying to contact my spirit guide to ask him/her what their name might be.

    • http://www.melaniejaderummel.com/ Melanie Jade Rummel

      Hi Soyjoy! Well there are no impossibilities. I do know many people who recognize their Spirit Guide with a symbol, and it sounds like the symbol from your Guide is 44. Some people choose their own name for their Guide after getting a symbol to help them verbally address their Guide, so you can do that too, if you want. I’m so glad you’re recognizing the signs & symbols from your Guides! And I definitely think when you see 44 around, your Guides are letting you know they are with you!

      Sending you love, 

      Melanie Jade :)

  • Nakita

    hello melanie when i meditate i see this wolf that is all white with little brown and has teal eyes. He/She is so beautiful and i have vivid dreams of “it”. could this be my spirit guide? i have asked the wolf a couple of times with no responce.

    • http://MelanieJadeRummel.com/ Melanie Jade Rummel

      Hi Nakita! This could definitely be an animal guide. I have a wolf animal guide as well, and he never speaks, either. However, when he’s around, I feel his peaceful, grounding presence, and it’s very comforting to me. If you feel similarly when you see the wolf (or even a sense of knowing that this is a special guide for you), then it probably is your animal guide. 

      We also have animal totems, which are images of animals that show up for us when we need to incorporate the qualities of that animal into our life. So for example, when I need a reminder to speak my truth boldly, I see cardinals everywhere. If I need a reminder to go slowly and have patience, I’ll see turtles everywhere. However, they come and go, so I don’t consider them to be animal guides. In contrast, I have seen my wolf guide repeatedly for many years, so he is my animal guide.

      I hope this helps, Nakita! Trust what you feel inside about your wolf friend :)

      Melanie Jade :) 

  • Alisha

    I have tried asking and meditating it…honestly I dont get a sence of anything. Well I get a feeling but can’t focus what it is. I have gotten the name Sara;Sarah many times. Always had some sort of facination with the name too. A few years back I meditated and actually saw my guides (at least two)
    the first one who stayed up until I departed was a female with a cat like face. Her eyes styed closed and a closed smile stayed on the whole time. Nohing was audio everything was like telikenesis. She wore an all white dress or gown. (not big but not super tight either) I emidiately thought of egyption but no gold on her and do not recall a head ordiment. She had a white hood that was only on about half way with short curly hair.
    THE second woman was more adventurous it seemed jumping around and such. She had an all red (or dark pink) belly dancer or genie outfit. Like a liatard but not tight and pants with a veil over her nose and mouth (tho I could tell she was smiling underneath as well) I loved her eyes. She had long straight dark brown hair and had what seemed like magic come from her. Like glitter or stars comming at me and a series of heart after she made heart with her hands in front of me, Then she jumped in a tree and looked once more as if saying “even though you do not see me I am always with you) and jumped off into the dark forest and I haven’t seen her since then (or really felt her either) tho I continue to have semi visions of the cat like woman.
    I’ve tried research I’ve tried asking, even before bed and to be said in a dream…either I dont get it or do not remember. I’ve tried a dream journal but i do not have anything with names. The only name that stays with me is Sarah but I want to know more…something or some name or a picture I can find online and read about.. I truly feel If i had the correct information I would find information of my own personal guides online either in their lifetime or from experience of others…..

    • http://MelanieJadeRummel.com/ Melanie Jade Rummel

      Hi Alisha,

      Regular meditation enhances your ability to sense your Guides. Randomly meditating every once in a while does not allow you to build your awareness. If you want to continue to learn more about your Guides, I suggest daily meditation.

      There are many different ways you can receive messages. Maybe you are missing the messages because you are looking for them to come in a certain way. In my online course, I teach all the different ways Guides can send us messages. If you want to develop a deep, meaningful relationship with your Guides, I highly recommend joining us for this course – http://melaniejaderummel.com/lifewithspiritguides/.

      It sounds like you have been able to get a lot of information in the past – names and what they look like. As for finding validation online, out of the millions of people who have ever lived, very few have information available online. It is understandable that your Guides, who may have lived in other lifetimes, do not have personal information that you can find out about online. However, they might be able to give you information about what it was like when they were on earth – give you dates or historical data – that you could then confirm online. This has happened to me in the past.

      Remember, too, that just like any relationship, it takes time to develop a relationship with your Guides. When you meet someone in person, you don’t instantly know their entire history. When you meet your Guides, you gradually learn more about them as your relationship develops.

      If you would like personal training on working with your Guides or for me to lead you to meeting them, I offer personal coaching sessions at http://melaniejaderummel.com/personal-coaching/.

      Just keep going, Alisha, and you will learn more about your Guides!

      Sending you love,

      Melanie Jade

  • Mariel Coronado

    I am itching to know my spirit guides and my angels! I am so eager to meet them and talk to them, but when can I and where can I talk to them in peace???

    • http://MelanieJadeRummel.com/ Melanie Jade Rummel

      Anytime, anywhere, Mariel! :)

  • Christina H

    Hi Melanie,
    I’ve recently been getting into meditation and I have been doing a guided one to meet my spirit guide. I was never really successful until today. I began to feel as though I was floating, seeing purple and white colors almost like pulses, I couldn’t visualize a gate or anything but I asked what’s your name and I heard Ezikel? I know there is an Arc Angel by that name is he my guide or a different guide by the same name?

    • http://MelanieJadeRummel.com/ Melanie Jade Rummel

      Hi Christina! What a cool experience! For your question – I think that’s a great question to ask next time you meditate and connect with Ezikel. That’s part of building a relationship with your Guides – asking questions and “Getting to know you, getting to know alllll about you…” singing The Sound of Music now :) Thank you for sharing your experience with me, and I’m so glad you are starting to communicate with your Guide :)

  • Hannah Jones

    I quieted my mind and asked for my guides name and a lot of names filled my head at once. How can I tell which is mine

    • http://MelanieJadeRummel.com/ Melanie Jade Rummel

      We all have many helpers. Maybe you were getting the names of all of them! To allow yourself to be more focused when addressing your Guides, you can ask for the name of your primary Guide or you can ask how to address your Guides. Then go with that name, knowing that at different times, you may have many different helpers guiding you.

  • Cathy Atterholt

    I keep finding feathers where ever I go does that mean something

    • http://MelanieJadeRummel.com/ Melanie Jade Rummel

      Hi Cathy! This can be a sign if you feel they are. When I see a sign, I feel taken aback, surprised. I also get a feeling of peace, relief, and joy when I see them. If you feel any of those things, or just the sense that feathers are your sign, they probably are. – Melanie :)

  • B

    Okay.. I don’t want to go on telling my entire story, (Though I have no problem at all with that) so I’m going to get to the point as fast as I can. I was born with a twin, though that’s actually a lie. I was actually a surviving triplet, (Where there are triplets in the womb but one child dies and the other two survive). My mother knew that she was having 2 girls and 1 boy. It was me and my brother who survived, except for my sister. My mom would’ve named her Christi, but seeing as how… well you know. I’m fairly certain that Christi is my spirit guide, and I honestly think I’ve known that since I was small, and didn’t even know her. Obviously I know her name, but I really want to talk to her. I want to have an in depth conversation and know *her*. I speak aloud almost every night talking to her, but… sometimes I do wish I could at least see what she’s saying in my head, or hear a voice. Anyways my point: If there is anyway you think this would be possible… please let me know.. You can just reply to this message 😛
    Thank you!
    ( I’m way to into this spiritual stuff x3 Also a friend of mine can see spirits and she has communicated with my sister before. But… she told me I have a good chance of being able to see spirits as I get older, do you think that would be… possible?)

    • http://MelanieJadeRummel.com/ Melanie Jade Rummel

      Hi B, There are many ways Spirits can communicate. When I “hear” Guides and loved ones who have transitioned into Spirit, I usually hear them in my own inner thought voice. It’s not usually an audible voice, although that is also possible. When I see them, it’s also with my inner vision as well. Sometimes I see them in the room, but mostly inside my head. I’ve written many articles about ways to get messages from Guides and loved ones in Spirit. All the techniques work for all types of Spirits. You can check out my Spirit Guides section in the sidebar to read those articles. Many blessings to you! -Melanie :)

  • Anita Moore

    Interesting, mine is also Gabriel. Honestly, I am new to accepting my abilities….so I’ve found I’ve been skeptical and questioning what comes to me. That’s not to say I question spirituality or anyone who has abilities…I question my own gifts because I’m recently learning there is more to my skills than I originally thought. the funny thing for me is, I asked my spirit guide for his/her name….and Gabriel is the name that comes to me each and every time. In fact recently I feel an impatience with that answer as in, “I’ve told you so many times”. I had asked spirit the name prior to discovering some of my own new gifts, but since my discovery I’ve inquired a few more times…I guess, trying to validate my skills. I am however convinced Gabriel is my spirit guide, which does makes sense since my gifts are grounded with intuition. I intuitively pick up on people’s emotions and have a gift for cellular healing as well…even when simply intuiting someone’s discomfort. I’m even learning I can help others from a distance, I don’t have to touch them if I’m closely bonded with them.

    I shall have to look into this further and discover who else is aiding me in my skills, what a gift I’ve been blessed with.

    • http://MelanieJadeRummel.com/ Melanie Jade Rummel

      Hi Anita! That’s great that you’ve gotten so many messages about your Guide’s name and are now trusting it. Building trust with your Guides and trusting your ability to get accurate messages is key to using your gifts to help yourself and others. As for distance healing, yes, there is no need to be near someone to heal their energy field or do a reading for them. There is no distance when you’re working on an energetic level. You don’t even have to know who the person is. We place the limitations, like that the person has to be near us or that we have to know them or their name/birthdate. None of that is necessary because Spirit is doing the work. We allow it to flow through us, but Spirit is the Source of healing. Well, you could use just your own energy to do it, but you’d tire easily and not be able to help as many people. There are no limitations in the spiritual dimension.

  • Terri Lee Taylor

    Hello Melanie, I like your concept of MORE + ABE, and getting Morabe however….intuitive curiosity got the better of me and I went with MORE + ABRAHAM, did a google search for Mor Abraham and came up with the Mor Abraham Monastary in Midyat Turkey, then I googled “who was Mor Abraham” and I found Mor Abraham who was a Saint of the Syriac Orthadox Church. His feast day is November 15th. ….check this info out for yourself and let me know what you think or come up with. …:)