Spirit Communication

Spirit Guides and Telepathy

Hi Friends! As you are learning to communicate with your Spirit Guides, remember that Spirit Guides can communicate via telepathy. This means that you may receive words, sounds, images, scents, and feelings through your energy field. Sometimes, people expect to see their Spirit Guide’s lips… Continue Reading

Overcoming Fear of Negative Spirit Contact

Dear Melanie Jade, I really want to talk to my Spirit Guides, but I’m afraid of also connecting with negative spirits. I’ve read that this is possible, so I’m scared to even try connecting with my Spirit Guides. How do you make sure you only… Continue Reading

Need Clarity? Spirit Guides Say “Forgettaboutit”

Hi Friends! I recently received a message about another great way to get information from our intuition, Higher Self, and Spirit Guides. The Technique Think of something you love to do. It could be anything – painting, drawing, gardening, laundry (hey, it could happen), walking,… Continue Reading

What Spirit Guides Won’t Tell You

Hi Friends! I talk a lot about Spirit Guides and all the ways they can help us in our daily lives. They are like our bestest friends in the Spirit world (our “besties”). However, based on my experience, there are some things they just don’t… Continue Reading

Letters to Spirit Guides

Hi Friends! There are so many ways to facilitate communication with your Spirit Guides. One of the ways I’ve started communicating with them is through letters. Just before we left for Portland, my head was full of questions I wanted to ask my Guides. I… Continue Reading

Tea Time With Spirits (How-To)

Hello Friends, As promised, today I’m going to give you some tips and inspiration to have your own “Tea Time with Spirits” conversations.  I love the idea of this, because the thought of tea time makes me think of getting together with friends, having nurturing,… Continue Reading

Ways Spirit Guides Communicate

Spirit Guides can communicate with us in innumerable ways.  Sometimes we can overlook their insights, thinking they should be loud and obvious or accompanied by harps or trumpets.  Most of the time their messages are subtle and require our in-the-present awareness in order to receive… Continue Reading