Manifest Your Ideal Mate

Hi Friends!

Before I met my wonderful husband, I asked my Spirit Guides how I could find my true love. I received so much guidance from them, and that guidance led me right to my hubby!

When I started doing readings, I shared the guidance about finding love with my clients, but there was so much to share that I couldn’t fit it all into one reading. I created a slideshow presentation called Manifesting Your Ideal Mate, which was posted in this blog post.

But now there’s something even better ­čÖé

I created an online course to help you find true love. I have included all the loving, insightful messages my Spirit Guides gave me when I was looking for love, and I have 19 closed captioned videos, beautiful graphics, a ton of written content, stories, laughter, exercises, insight…so much content to help you get the love you desire. You can learn all about my Finding True Love online┬ácourse and watch a promo video by clicking the link below!

Promo cover

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