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Cosmo Goes to the Vet

Hi Friends! Mark and I just returned from the vet with Cosmo. I want to share with you how my Angels and Spirit Guides helped make this the best vet experience we’ve ever had. You can use the same techniques to help make a potentially… Continue Reading

Reading Tarot and Cosmo Update

Hello Dear Friends, I’ve been writing a lot about Cosmo lately, and I wanted to give you another update.  We have decided to keep the kitty cats separated, and they are both doing well.  I kept getting the message that Cosmo needs a bit more… Continue Reading

Circus Kitty Cosmo

I have a plan to teach Cosmo to be a Circus cat.  I decided when I gave her treats, I would trow them over a stick I was holding and see if she jumped over.  She caught on very quickly!  She jumps over the stick… Continue Reading

Courageous Kitty Cosmo

Kitty Cosmo has always been an inside cat and has been terrified of the outdoors.  We have been taking her with us when we visit my mom so she can play with my mom’s cat, who loves going outside.  When it’s nice outside, we all… Continue Reading

Cosmo Tells All

A few mornings ago, I was contemplating getting out of bed when my pretty kitty came in to greet me.  She sat beside the bed and stared at me expectantly.  I tuned into her thoughts, and she told me that Mark hadn’t paid any attention… Continue Reading

Conversations with Cosmo

Cosmo is our kitty cat.  She and I have had quite the journey together.  What began as a tumultuous relationship became a blessing in disguise as I learned to develop a new psychic ability. Cosmo was Mark’s cat originally, and when I first met her,… Continue Reading

How To Communicate with Your Pet

When I married my husband, he came with a cat named Cosmo. Cosmo hated it when I came to live with them, and she did everything she could to scare me away. With the exception of Cosmo, pets and animals love me, so I was baffled… Continue Reading

Diary of a Medium: Stories from Christmas

Hi Friends! I had a wonderful holiday season, and I hope you did too! I want to share some of the funny things that happened this Christmas in my world of intuition and loving spirits. My sweet hubby tries to surprise me with lovely gifts… Continue Reading

A Glimpse Into Our Happy Home

Hi Friends! I want to share another happy painting project with you today. My Spirit loves to paint. If I haven’t painted something for a few days, I’ll start hearing songs in my head about painting, and that works as a nudge from my Spirit… Continue Reading