A Journey Through Gardenstown, Scotland

Hello Friends!

I have been wanting to share our pictures from our visit to Gardenstown, Scotland for so long!  It’s one of those places that is so beautiful, I can’t even describe the beauty, because it’s a feeling of spaciousness that you’d just have to breathe in to experience fully.  I know I sound like a total nutcase, but if you visit Scotland and roam around, you’ll understand what I mean.

Mark and I flew to Aberdeen, Scotland from Ireland.

From there, we picked up our amazing Mercedes rental car and drove North.  Our second day in Scotland, we drove by a village perched on the edge of the water.  The streets were winding, there were tiny staircases up to the next street from each home, and the scenery was incredible!

Homes in Gardenstown, Scotland

It looked like the perfect town to stay in for a hermitage, recording thoughts, drawing pictures, and just spending lots and lots of time doing nothing but listening to the waves.

Beach at Gardenstown, Scotland

The beach was made up of tiny black stones, rounded with time.  When the waves went back into the ocean, the rocks would knock against each other and sound like a rain stick.  It was a happy sound 🙂

Ocean at Gardenstown, Scotland

Mark and I walked along the beach, sat on the bright red rocks, and watched the waves roll in.

Melanie sitting on red rock in Gardenstown

Then, we hiked up through the rocks, the mud, and high grass to see the waterfall.

Waterfall in Gardenstown, Scotland

On the other side of the beach were lots of big black rocks.  Mark and I climbed over them to find two perfect spots to spend an hour doing absolutely nothing.  It was so wonderful!  We saw sea creatures attached to the rocks and watched the ocean.

Just before leaving, we wrote messages to each other on the rocks.

I Love You written on a rock

Don’t you just want to go visit?  Me too!

Melanie Jade 🙂

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