A Reminder About Divine Timing

It’s so easy to skip taking time to listen within when life feels busy. Lately when I get home, I either want to watch lighthearted baking championships on TV and take a nap, or I want to do homey projects to prepare for our new baby coming in just a few short months.

After several days of telling myself, “You know Melanie, you’ll feel a lot better if you just take a few minutes to get a message for yourself,” I finally made time this morning.

I brought my fresh ice water and a breakfast brownie (which is a regular brownie eaten at breakfast…#noshame) into our peaceful office space and opened my online journal.

The first thing I noticed was that I feel joyful. I saw Jax (my baby) moving in my stomach yesterday for the first time, my mom is coming over to visit today, and my wonderful husband is working from home today. I am surrounded by love, and it feels so good. If I had just jumped to my to-do list today, I might not have noticed this precious feeling.

Then I asked what my inner guidance wants me to know today. I picked up my tarot deck and started shuffling. As I shuffled and focused my mind, without even drawing a card, I received my message.

Today my guidance is reminding me that divine timing is all there is. Yesterday I had the perfect example of this. I had asked for a financial estimate from a local birthing center two weeks ago, and I was supposed to get an estimate within a week. Because I didn’t receive one, I called my insurance to find out the cost.

When I finally received the statement from the birthing center, they said I would owe $4000. My insurance said I would owe $1000. I let the birthing center know about the discrepancy, and several calls later they adjust my balance to $1000.

If I had received the statement from the birthing center when I was supposed to, I wouldn’t have thought to double-check with my insurance and would have paid an extra $3000. Even though I had been irritated about the delay and about having to follow up so many times, in the end I was so thankful! Thank goodness for divine timing! Once I realized how that situation helped me, I felt kinda bad for bitching about it. Ha!

I have noticed that if I take a moment to observe a situation, I can more easily recognize how things are working for me, rather than against me.

I need to remember that I am being watched over and helped in every situation, from the most mundane to the most scary and overwhelming. I’m not alone. I’m part of a team. And this team wants the best for everyone. I am so grateful for this reminder today <3

Sending love your way,


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