A Soul on a Journey: When People Disappoint

Hi Friends!

Soon after I woke up this morning, I decided to sweep up the leaves on our balcony. I had something on my mind, and I knew being out in the crisp morning air with the trees and the lake would help me feel better.

As I sweep up the leaves, I know there will be more little gifts from the trees tomorrow. It’s a game we play. I imagine the trees smiling as they tower over me, watching me trying to keep the balcony clean so I can walk without shoes. As soon as I turn my back, they’ll be calling on The Wind and asking her to help their leaves find a nice, clean spot to land.

Do you ever get upset about something and keep going over and over it in your mind? That’s what was going on with me this morning. That’s why I thought sweeping the leaves would help. I was feeling disappointed with a good friend of mine. I recently realized she thinks nothing of lying and manipulating people. I find myself in a dilemma of wanting to appreciate her positive qualities, while really disliking those negative qualities.

I was feeling hurt and upset. While listening to the sound of the broom swishing on the wood and the crackling of the leaves as I swept them, I got the idea to talk to my Spirit Guides about it. Here’s what they said: Don’t take it personally. This is part of her journey. 

I guess what makes their words so powerful for me is that beyond the words, I also get a depth of understanding, a vision of a path, and a momentary transportation to the core of who I am and who we are all that goes beyond my ego. I felt the realization that she is merely playing a part in this lifetime to help her soul evolve, just as I am. They also helped me realize that I was upset because I was taking it personally. Her lying and manipulation aren’t about me. Those aspects are just part of her soul’s journey right now.

So how do I deal with this now? How do I deal with our relationship?


How would that appear, in this instance?

Recognizing her as a soul on a journey. Understand that she does it because she wants to be loved. She feels if she tells her truth, people won’t love her, so she lies. 

But I’m not okay with lying and manipulation.

You don’t have to be. But you also don’t have to be hateful to her. 

I get the feeling that lying and manipulating is so much a part of her that she doesn’t even realize she’s doing it. She does it like breathing. And confronting her isn’t going to make a difference. What am I to do?

Go beyond.

What does that mean?

See beyond how she is presenting herself. Recognize she is acting out part of her soul’s journey.


When this kind of situation has arisen in the past, my Guides have told me that the only reason people can disappoint me is if I expect them to act in a way that is not in alignment with who they are and how they are acting on their journey right now. If we see people as they are, rather than as how we wish they were, we can never be disappointed.

Sending love to you all,

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