A True Sense of Security

Hi Friends!

This morning I’ve been thinking about the idea of security. I was talking to a good friend about our next adventure and encouraging her to do the same thing if she wants to. She asked, “Well, how did you plan it? Did you figure out how much money you need to get there and back, calculate your monthly expenses, or save up a certain amount of money? You know, for security?” This is a very logical question. We quickly got onto another thread of conversation before I was able to collect my thoughts, but that’s what a blog is for, right?

So much of U.S. culture is built on the idea that money, stuff, home, or a certain job offers security. It’s super convenient because our economy runs on consumerism, so telling people they are more secure the more things they buy or have works to keep the system going. However, that idea is also what keeps so many people from doing what they really want to do. They stay with the job they know because they tell themselves it is more secure than going off into something new or working on their own. They stay in the same neighborhood, because if they travel outside of it, who knows what may happen? They feel like if they don’t have a certain amount of money or a certain job, insurance plans, etc that they aren’t “secure”. That’s an illusion! If you base your feeling of security on those external things, what happens when they’re gone?

This was a big lesson for me to learn in the past three years. My first test was when I quit a job that became horrible for my Spirit without having any backup plan. I was terrified! I’d been brought up to understand that you don’t quit one job before you have another. I stayed in that environment I was miserable in for months longer than I had to just because I was waiting until I figured out another job first. When I quit, I felt like the world was going to fall down. After all, I didn’t have an income anymore, I had bills to pay, and I didn’t have health insurance. I was scared I would get into a huge accident and end up with outrageous medical bills I couldn’t pay for. During this time, my Guides told me everything was just fine. I’d yell at them, “No it’s not just fine! How can you say it’s just fine when I don’t have a job or money or insurance?” I wasted months of my life worrying.

Then I started listening to The 4 Spiritual Laws of Prosperity, by Edwene Gaines. One of the lessons she teaches that really stood out to me is that God (or the Universe, or Love, or whatever you would like to call it) is the Source. Not your job, not your mother, not your boyfriend, not your clients, not the government…God is the Source. When you put your faith in God, it’s easy to  let go of a job that’s not working because you know another one will be provided. When you put your faith in God, it’s okay if you don’t know all the answers, because you know a greater source is figuring it all out.

And you know what? My Guides were right. I didn’t need to worry about leaving my job because everything was just fine. I learned to put my faith in God, the Universe, and my Guides to tell me what to do each step of the way. Because I didn’t have a clue, I was totally open to hearing guidance. One thing after another happened that allowed me to pay my bills and make it through each month. One day, I got a zing! of what my next job was, and I went for it.

The point is, jobs go away. Companies go away. People get laid off. Houses get wiped away in storms. Stock markets crash. Putting your idea of security in these external, changeable things is setting yourself up for disappointment. In order to really feel secure, you have to place your sense of security in something constant. It could be God, the Universe, a belief that everything works out perfectly, or even a belief in yourself that you are able to come up with a creative solution to any unexpected event.

When you know you are secure and safe to explore because of a belief in something constant, you will feel free to go on the wildest adventures you can imagine, take leaps of faith you’ve been putting off for years, and be an inspiration to yourself and others.

Lots of Love,

Melanie Jade 🙂

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