A Very Special Valentine

Vintage Valentine Card

Dear Friends,

As you know, I have always loved Valentine’s Day. However, I recognize that many people do not care for it as much.  Some people associate it with having a significant other to make it special, and if they don’t have a super duper honey, the day stinks.  Most Valentine’s Days I’ve had haven’t included another special someone, but that didn’t matter to me.  What I enjoy are the colors, heart shapes, and general lovey-doveyness that I feel.  However, this year, inspired by two wonderful people, I am SUPERSIZING my Valentine’s Day experience in a way I hadn’t even thought of before!  I am putting the focus on self-love and declaring myself my own very best, super duper, wonderfully special Valentine!

First, I was inspired by my friend, Alley, in Italy. She sent me a wonderful sunshine letter about making herself the CEO of her life and creating a home workspace that is inspiring and encouraging to her. She is taking charge of her life and her happiness, and that begins with loving and appreciating herself!  I think that’s awesome!  That got me in the right mindset.  Every wonderful change in my life has come from me deciding to love myself and make decisions based on what brings me joy.

Then, I found a great article on one of the blogs I follow, A Fanciful Twist.  It’s written by Vanessa Valencia, a super great artist and lover of whimsical living extraordinaire (she posted free Valentine artwork you can download as well – it makes my heart smile).  She wrote a super great post, “A Secret Sweet Treat“, sharing her excitement about creating the best Valentine gifts to give to herself on Valentine’s Day.  She writes,

“If you sort of delete the idea of someone else being your Valentine (along with all of the expectations that can create), you can’t imagine how fun Valentine’s day can actually be.”

This got me thinking.  What does my super special Valentine (ME) want for Valentine’s Day?  I only have 3 more days to figure it out!  I’d better get to it!

I heart Me

What are you going to do for yourself on Valentine’s Day?


Melanie Jade

P.S.  This blog is also titled, “How Many Times Can I Say Super In A Single Post?”  The answer is 6 times (including Supersizing).  Oh!  I just typed it two more times!

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