A Walk Among the Tulips

Hi Friends!

Mark and I recently visited the Dallas Arboretum during their tulip and daffodil show, and I loved it!  Tulips are my favorite flower.  I prefer the unusual varieties, like parrot tulips with their feathery petals, but if someone is handing them to me, I’m not that picky 🙂  Tulips are flowers that invite you to take a closer look…

To me, they look like they are dancing in the sunlight.  They stretch and bend every which way, opening their petals to the sky with their natural, bold beauty.

These are the parrot tulips I was talking about.  So gorgeous!  The one pictured above inspires me to open my arms and heart to the sky, to feel the sunlight and breeze on my face, and to fully surrender to the flow of life.  And then there’s the one below, which looks like it’s dancing a somber ballet.

Each hour and each day they look a little bit different.  Not for the faint of heart, they inspire personal expression, feeling, and embracing one’s own unique, natural beauty.  With tulips, like life, there are surprises at every turn…

I hope you enjoyed this walk in the garden with me!

Melanie Jade 🙂

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