About Me

Hi, I’m Melanie the Medium! I share messages
from spirit to help you experience clarity,
peace of mind, and joy!

I’ve been communicating with Spirit Guides and loved ones who have passed since I was a child. I read books about talking to angels and developing intuition, and I would meditate each night and ask my angels and other loving spiritual helpers for guidance about my life. I would occasionally see the spirit of someone who had died, but it felt normal to me. I assumed everyone had experiences like these!

When I was older and struggling to figure out what the heck to do with my life, I realized how much more alone and hopeless I would feel without the connection to my Guides. When a loved one died and I was grieving, I couldn’t imagine how much worse my grief would feel if I thought I could never reach that person again. That’s when I started doing readings for other people.

My readings are about helping people feel empowered to create a life they love. I give people the insight they need to move through the struggles they are facing. I help people feel the love from their Spirit Guides and loved ones who have passed. Whether it’s a private reading, a blog post, or a public speaking event, I share messages of love, joy, and healing.

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