The Abundance Mindset

The Abundance Mindset by Melanie Jade Rummel

Have you ever been around someone who has a lot of money but still complains about not having enough? Have you been around someone who doesn’t make a lot of money but seems to make it stretch farther than you’d think it would?

One of the things I’ve learned about abundance is that it is a mindset.  It has nothing to do with the size of your house, your car, how much money is in your account, or any of the other things we are told are indicators of wealth and happiness.

You can have all the luxuries in the world, but if you don’t have a mindset of abundance, you will always feel like you don’t have enough. You will always feel like you still can’t do what you want to do.

My Spirit Guides say, “Abundance is a feeling and a recognition that everything you want in the world is already here and is compatible with you.  The mindset of abundance is seeing what IS, rather than what isn’t.”

The mindset of abundance is about seeing what IS, rather than what isn’t. Click To Tweet

If you have a mindset of abundance, you will focus on the possibilities and resources that are already available to you. You will see beyond any apparent lack and find ways to make your dreams a reality. New solutions and opportunities will seem to fall in your lap.

You are not limited by how your life looks right now or how much money you have in this moment. Don’t believe your story of lack. Focus on the abundance you have. See the opportunities, the money, the people, and the resources that are already in your life, and make the most of them. Know that whatever you want is possible. Everything you need to make your dreams happen is at your fingertips.

That is the abundance mindset. Seeing what IS. The abundance that IS already in your life.

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