Adventure vs. Stability: Finding the Balance

Adventure vs. Stability: Finding the Balance

It’s our second week in Guanajuato, Mexico! The first week I soaked up the adventure of being in a new place with a new language, new customs, new people, finding a home…the list of “New” was extensive! Ha! But the second week I found myself craving a little more stability. I wanted to settle into our home (which we just moved into!), I wanted quiet time, and time to feel the comfort of the known.

Whatever adventure you are on in your life, it’s important to find that balance between adventure and stability. If you have too much stability, you don’t take any chances. On the other hand, too much adventure can leave you feeling scattered. So how do you find the balance? That’s the topic of this week’s TrueYou TV episode!

Whether you’re feeling adventurous or a desire for more stability, honor your feelings. Don’t compare yourself to other people in your life or feel like you should be more adventurous or more settled. Just be who you are right now. It’s okay to feel whatever you’re feeling. It’s a perfect part of your path.

Tidbits from my current adventure:

We moved into our first home in Mexico a few days ago! We have a view of the mountains and the city of Guanajuato, and several times a day I look outside and am stunned by my new surroundings. Here’s a pic from Mark doing yoga in our living room area. Check my facebook page for more photos.

Mark Yoga

These little yappers are all over Guanajuato. People keep them on the rooftop terraces because they don’t have yards. At night, we hear a chorus of dogs yapping away and echoing across the valley. The first night we were here, I was up until 2am thinking, “Are you kidding me dogs????!!!” But now I’m used to it. And to be fair, I’ve seen the cutest scrappy dogs in Guanajuato.


Now that we have a kitchen, Mark and I visited the Hildago Market, which is a huge market in central Guanajuato. You can find fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, cooked foods, baskets, crafts, and tourist items. We bought two bags of fresh fruits and vegetables, along with several bags of legumes. It would have cost at least $30 in the U.S., but we got it all for about $8 here. I love a bargain! 🙂

first time shopping

Whatever your adventure is, I hope you’re having fun and finding a balance between adventure & stability.

Sending you love!


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