Affirmations for Happiness (Art Journal)

Affirmations for Happiness Art Journal by Melanie The Medium

Every once in a while I share a peek into my art journal, and today I’m sharing a recent affirmation I painted about happiness. While I don’t believe that we’re always supposed to be happy, I have noticed that sometimes I stress about things that aren’t that big of a deal or things that are beyond my control and pointless to stress about. (In those situations, asking this question helps me get back on track.)

I also know that even when I have every reason to feel upset, sometimes I can find a glimmer of humor to help me be okay with what I’m feeling…which I guess is its own sort of happiness.

I hope you hear the affirmations in this video as the words of your heart. I hope these words help you feel the beauty of your spirit and see the beauty of your life.

This video was inspired by my friend Doris Fullgrabe, who does beautiful lettering and design work. She recently posted a list of affirmations, and “I can choose happiness” stood out to me. You can see Doris’ beautiful work on her website and follow her on instagram.

I hope you choose happiness today, my friends!


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