Angels: You Are Not Alone

Hi Friends!

Today, when I sat to write this article, I felt and saw three Angels near my writing desk, so I asked them what message they would like me to share today. Here is the message I received:

Angels are always with you and available to help in any situation

Angels are always with you, always available to help you. Do you think you would have been sent to the earth, with the amazing spirit and natural gifts that you have, to be left floundering without help? No. We are with you. We are with all of you.

All you have to do to get help is to ask for it. Whenever you feel discouraged, ask for help. Whenever you feel overwhelmed, ask for help. Whenever you feel confused and uncertain of the future, release your current understanding and fears and simply ask for our help.

You are never alone. You do not have to figure everything out on your own. We work together. You and I. You and the Angels. You and your Spirit Guides. You and the highest vibration of Love – we all work together for the highest good of all.

So remember that you are not doing this on your own. Release your idea of total control and ask for help. It is very simple.

And then once you ask for help, know it will come to you. Know that we will send you the answers, the clarity, the people, and the resources you need. We are always here for you, loved ones, and we are one loving energy. You, us, the Loving Force…we are all one energy. We are your friends. We are here to help.


Sending you love and light,

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