Are You Ready?

Dear Friends,

Are you ready to have a life filled with joy?  Are you ready to see the opportunities that are all around you, just waiting for you to open your eyes?  Right now you have people in your life who have the connections, talents, and inspiration you need to create whatever you want.  It’s amazing how easy creating the life you want can be when you decide you deserve it and are ready for it.

Are you ready to take responsibility for how your life is today, what you like and what you don’t like, and to realize that you have the power to change whatever you want to?

You are an amazing person.  You are a bright, shining light in this world, and you are capable of amazing things.  Already you have positively affected more people’s lives than you can even imagine, and you’re just going to keep doing that, whether you realize it or not, for the rest of your life.  Who you are and what you do matters.

There is so much more going on in your life that you are aware of.  Beautiful changes are being made just for your enjoyment.  Wonderful circumstances are created simply to put a smile on your face.

It is such a blessing for me to share this time in my life with you.  Just by being here and being you, you have positively impacted my day, so I thank you so much!

I hope you see the sunshine in this day and in all days,

Melanie Jade

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