Art Journal: Knowing When You Need Time Alone

Art Journal: Knowing When You Need Time Alone

You know those times when you wish everyone would just leave you alone? You don’t want well-meaning loved ones talking to you, trying to cheer you up, or giving you more to think about or do. You just want time alone.

It can be difficult sometimes to honor your need for alone time, but if you ignore it, you might get snippy with the people you love (I know, not YOU, right? Me neither, but some people – not us! – might do that).

In this episode of TrueYou TV, I’m sharing an art journal and message about loving your sometimes prickly self.

When you’re feeling snippy, don’t criticize yourself for how you’re feeling. That will just make you feel worse. Besides, you don’t always have to be happy, remember?

See any snippiness (I’m really loving that word) as a message from your Spirit letting you know that you need time to be alone to love and care for yourself.

We all have times when we just want to be alone. We all have moments when we need to create a safe space to just BE.

When you catch yourself being snippy, ask yourself if you just need time for love, safety, and rest. Allow yourself to step away from the crowd so you can nurture your Spirit.

You will be happier when you do (and your loved ones will be too!) 🙂

Sending you love!


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