Art Journal: Life is Play

Art Journal: Life is Play

I think we could all use more play. I was given the message that “life is play” in one of my meditations recently. I saw one of my Spirit Guides, and he gave me that reminder. He said I was making life too difficult, feeling like it was a burden, instead of realizing that it can be my playground. There are so many options and avenues not to stress us out, but so we can have fun exploring.

I hope you enjoy seeing my art journal and listening to these messages of releasing the struggle and allowing yourself to play with your life.

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Remember, don’t expect to know how everything will work out ahead of time because life doesn’t work that way. Instead of thinking the lack of knowledge is scary, see it as freedom. You have the freedom to explore whatever option sounds fun to you!

And what if you don’t like it? What if you change your mind? That’s okay! Just change your mind and do something different. (Isn’t it funny how we make things seem more difficult than they are?)

Life is play. Don't be scared to get dirty, act boldly, change your mind. It's YOUR life. Have fun! Click To Tweet

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