Art Journal: Soar Past Feeling Stuck in Life

You know those times when you want a new experience in your life or need a solution to a problem, and none of the options you can think of sound appealing?

You deserve a joyful, fulfilling life, and it can be discouraging when you feel like all your options are just…blah.

I recently felt this way and received a special message from my Spirit Guides that helped me find new inspiration and solutions. Today I’m sharing that message with you!

Thinking up the wildest, craziest, most far-fetched ideas and solutions for your life helps you get in a creative, light-hearted mindset. That’s the perfect mindset for being able to hear your Spirit and know your way forward. You can even make this exercise part of a regular brainstorming session for your life.

Soar Past Feeling Stuck In Life

Don’t worry, you don’t have to commit to doing the wild ideas you come up with. But notice if one of those ideas feels really exciting to you. Maybe what started as a “crazy” idea turns out to be the perfect next step for you!

That’s what happened for me! I’m not revealing where we’re moving to yet, but it was definitely not on my initial list of possibilities!

I’ve used this same technique to help me find solutions to perceived setbacks in every area of my life. Where do you feel stuck? Where do you need new solutions that excite you? Try this exercise to help!

Soar Past Feeling Stuck In Life Close Up by Medium & Spiritual Teacher, Melanie Jade Rummel.

There are no problems or obstacles too big for your inner creative genius to figure out. You just have to give it free reign to explore the world of possibilities available to you.

You can enjoy this artwork in my free reading to help you figure out what’s holding you back.

I hope you have fun giving your imagination wings this week!


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