Art Journal: When Your Spirit Needs Rest

When Your Spirit Needs Rest Art Journal by Melanie The Medium

You and I both know it feels good to make progress toward your goals. But sometimes moving forward and making the changes you want to make in your life is hard. Sometimes you can feel so exhausted from the effort that you just don’t want to do another darn thing.

Here’s a message from my Spirit Guides that will save the day! “Sometimes moving forward means staying where you are.┬áIf you need to gather your energy, rest, and recharge…sometimes staying where you are is the best thing you can do.”

If you need time to recharge, it doesn’t mean you’re lazy or irresponsible. It doesn’t mean you’ll never move forward. (I have that little voice in my head too!) When you take the time you need to rest, it means you are doing the best possible thing to ensure your success.



And give yourself love, love, love.

Sending YOU lots of love today,


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