Ask Yourself This One Question to Relieve Stress

Ask Yourself This One Question to Relieve Stress by Melanie Jade Rummel

We all encounter people and situations that cause us to feel stressed. Even though you may know intellectually that it’s your decision whether to feel stressed or not, that doesn’t always make it easier to release it.

When you hold onto feelings of anger, resentment, sadness, or worry, it slows you down. You drain yourself of the energy you need to create new great experiences in your life. Emotional stress can cause symptoms in your body as well. And it makes you feel like crap overall.

So what can you do to make it easier to let stress go? For my husband and me, this one simple question does the trick.

How much better would your life be if you didn’t let things get under your skin? What if you didn’t spend hours worrying about the future and could enjoy your life as it is now?

I hope you use the tip I shared in this video to release your stress and start feeling more joy.

Sending you love,


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