Melanie Rummel

Quick Meditation for Chocolate Lovers!

This is a quick, easy, relaxing meditation for people who love chocolate! I’ll guide you through releasing stress and feeling grounded while enjoying a scrumptious box of chocolate – calorie-free!

A Quick Way to Make Life Easier

I’m always looking for ways to make life easier. What I’ve noticed is that any situation can either feel more challenging or easier based on your self-talk.  Have you had thoughts like these? I’m not making progress I’m stuck I’m confused I’m not doing a… Continue Reading

Dealing with Guilt After a Loved One Dies

After a loved one dies, it’s common to feel guilt. You might think about your last conversations, medical decisions, whether you were available at the end, or you might agonize over whether something different could have been done to change the outcome. Your loved ones… Continue Reading

Free Valentine’s Reading! Pick-a-Card

Here’s a free reading to celebrate Valentine’s Day! The focus is self-love and treating yourself with understanding and compassion. After the reading, you will feel uplifted, more peaceful, and filled with love. Enjoy!

Free Reading: Which Affirmation is for You Today?

Today I’m sharing 3 affirmations inspired by the Power Thought Cards by Louise Hay! Pick a number (1-2-3) to get the affirmation meant for you today! As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.