Barbara Brennan on Negative Feelings

Dear Friends,

I’m reading Chapter 2 of Light Emerging (I wrote a previous post about chapter 1), and I just came across an interesting idea that I would like your thoughts on.  Barbara Brennan says the following:

It is more acceptable in our society to have negative thoughts about people and to malign them behind their back, than it is to express negative emotions to their face…It would be much more appropriate to look inside and find the negative emotions we have toward ourselves.  Usually, we have negative feeling toward another because interacting with that person evokes some sort of negative feeling toward the self.

I am fascinated by that last sentence.  I have heard and thought for years that things we don’t like about other people are things we don’t like or haven’t accepted in ourselves.  The way Barbara worded her last sentence sounds similar but different to what I have thought.

I’m thinking of a person whom I don’t care for very much at the moment.  I consider this person untrustworthy, someone who lies, and someone who is all about drama.  I thought I didn’t like this person because of those qualities, but according to Barbara, it sounds like she’s saying I don’t like this person because being around them makes me feel negative about myself.  This is interesting.  When I feel like I don’t like this person, it is true that then I feel negative thoughts about myself because I feel like I should accept them the way they are, and I don’t.  I find myself getting caught up in my feelings about this person, and then I feel like I should be “above” doing that, so I feel crappy for realizing I have not mastered myself enough to remain detached from what I judge to be this person’s machinations.

But enough about my shortcomings – HA!  Let’s talk about yours!!! LOL!!!!  What do you think about what Barbara Brennan is saying?  Does this ring true for you, or not?  I know I brought you all into my life so you can teach me your wisdom, so I’d love to hear it.



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