Be Where You Are

Hi Friends,

I had an interesting meditation the other day. I saw myself in a field, and my head was tilted all the way back.  I was looking up to the sky and looking every which way seeking answers. Then, I felt gentle hands tilting my head forward so it was level again. Immediately, I felt more centered and grounded within myself.  I felt like I could see again, and my eyes were focused on what was right in front of me.  My mind was clear and open, and I felt peaceful.  Then, I received several messages about my experience.

First, I got the message to be in the present and look at what is in my world around me, rather than looking to my Spirit Guides for answers all the time.  We’re supposed to work as a team, but I wanted them to just tell me what to do next.  In a way, always asking for answers about how things were going to turn out in the future was a way of escaping my present circumstances. My Guides were letting me know that my answers would be found in my present circumstances, not by escaping them.

This was reiterated in a church service Mark and I went to last week, where the minister asked us to look at our feet. Then she said, “See where your feet are? That’s where you should be right now. Be where your feet are.” I thought that was a great reminder to be in the present, not in my head, not in the future, not in the past, but in the right here, right now.

barefoot on the sand

I also got the message during my meditation that I need to value the teacher within. I love consulting my Guides for help in every aspect of my life, but lately as I have been wondering what the best way forward is in certain areas of my life, I have been wanting them to basically sit on my couch and tell me everything I want to know. Without realizing it, I was not listening as closely to my inner wisdom and the feeling of my Spirit in order to guide me. I just wanted my Guides to cut through my confusion for me and tell me what to do and how everything is going to work out.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work that way 🙂

However, you know what does work? Love. When I connect with Spirit Guides, I am brought to tears by the amount of love I feel. Maybe that’s what we’re all seeking when we want to connect with them – the feeling of overwhelming, pure love. In this moment, I feel like that’s really the answer to all problems, confusion, miscommunication, and anything else I may feel troubled about. So maybe they did give me the answer I was seeking, just not the answer I was expecting.

Be where your feet are.
Feel the love and peace in this moment.
Cherish the teacher within.
And the greatest of these…

drawing of a red heart

May you find love in each of your present moments,

Melanie Jade 🙂

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