Beauty Is All There Is

Hello Friends!

I was writing the October newsletter yesterday (whoo hoo!), and my Spirit Guides gave me a great message for the Message of Joy section.  I closed my eyes and asked them what they would like to say to me, and I heard in my mind, Beauty is all there is.   I let the message fill my body and my heart, and I felt that it would be very useful in changing the way I view life.


Sure enough, last night I had the perfect opportunity to use this wisdom in my life.  We were sitting down at the table for family game night, and I noticed that some of the thoughts in my head about my brother-in-love sitting across from me were not so positive.  He had said and done some things earlier in the evening that I felt hurt by, and I was smoldering.  He didn’t intentionally try to make me upset, but I chose to feel sad, and then I chose to express my sadness as irritation at him in my mind.  We had just begun to play a fun game that lasts several hours, and I knew I did not want to be irritated throughout the entire game because it just doesn’t feel good.  I wanted to feel at peace.

At first, I imagined sending him love.  I told myself that he said the things he did because he was unhappy.  I prayed that he would feel joy and love surrounding him.  Then I remembered what my guides had told me. Beauty is all there is. I looked at my brother-in-love and repeated that phrase in my mind as I looked at him.  Something transformed in that moment.  It was as if I could see something more than just a body sitting across the table from me.  I realized that he didn’t need to change; my perception of him needed to change if I wanted to enjoy his company.  Then, I did something I’ve never done when I’ve been irritated at someone else.  Throughout my life, if I’ve felt irritated or angry at someone, I’ve worked on having compassion and understanding for them.  I’ve worked on not taking the actions of others personally, recognizing how they are reflections of me, and prayed for them to have peace and feel loved.  However, last night I had a gentle eureka moment that changed everything…I prayed for myself.  I prayed that I would see the beauty and love in my brother-in-love.  I prayed for help seeing him as the perfect soul he is and appreciating him.

That made all the difference.

The rest of the evening was wonderful.  We all had fun and laughed together, I won the game, and even better, I won my personal quest of taking the wisdom of my Spirit Guides to heart to experience more joy in my life.  Amen!

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