Seeing Beauty Everywhere!

Hi Friends!

As I mentioned in this month’s newsletter, Mark and I sought to find beauty in Texas by walking along the lake nearby. I’m happy to report that we found LOTS of beauty ๐Ÿ™‚

The wildflowers were everywhere!

If you look closely at the picture below, you can see a spider’s web on the top of the flower.

I even found these super cool swirly plants growing close to the ground. They have little bristles and remind me of venus flycatchers, but they didn’t close when I brushed my finger against them.

Of course, the lake was nice as well, especially on this beautiful day. It was truly a perfect day. Clear skies, sunny, and a light, cool breeze. Gorgeous!

Right as we were leaving, I saw this baby grasshopper. He was so patient as I tried to get just the right photo of him.

This was an eye-opening experience, because I’ve always thought almost everywhere was more beautiful than Texas. Mark and I have been traveling to different places for the past 2 years looking for a more beautiful place to live, but what we decided was that being near our family was the most important thing for us right now.

I was expecting to be disappointed at the lack of trees, flowers, and natural beauty when we came back to Texas, but I’ve actually found beauty at every turn. When we drive down the street or on the highways, the trees seem to be standing straighter and showing off their beautiful green leaves as if to say, “Hey! Look at me! I’M BEAUTIFUL!” And I say to them, “Wow! You really are!” Plus, we’ve been blessed with gorgeous spring weather – bright blue skies, refreshing breezes, birds chirping…I know the hot summer is coming, but right now, I’m so thankful to be here to experience all this beauty. Beautiful Texas…who knew? ๐Ÿ™‚

Lots of love to you! I hope you find the beauty where you are!

Melanie Jade ๐Ÿ™‚

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  • Jase

    Thank you for sharing your walk. I feel refreshed just from look at those pictures. Myself, I enjoy the beauty to be found in my backyard, and hope to do that today before it gets too hot — or rainy.

    • Melanie Jade Rummel

      Yeah, I’m enjoying the spring weather before it gets hot hot hot in the summer. Do you have a garden (vegetable/fruit/flower)? Mark and I will have a balcony in our apartment, so we planted seeds to grow vegetables on it, and they are taking (seemingly) FoReVeR to sprout. Every day I talk to them, and every day they seem to say, “Chillax. We’re taking our time.” ๐Ÿ™‚

  • April

    Beautiful pictures indeed. Thanks you for sending the “newness” that you discovered in Texas that was always there!!ย  Reminds me we really do have sooooooo many things in our daily lives that “CAN” be beautiful if we just simply take the time to understand the simplicity of what we are seeing and get out of the way of ourselves. This includes bugs and spiders……….. we are taught not to think they are beautiful, to me they are. I mean really……….they think we are ugly also!! I believe it’s all about honoring each experience and making a decision to thank it. I enjoy watching an ant or harmless bug crawl around on my arm, watching its little legs and feelers do their thing. I also appreciate it when it has left and moved on!!

    • Melanie Jade Rummel

      So true, April. It’s all in our perspective, which we can choose to change at any moment. I honor the life in insects and bugs as well, and I think they are fascinating…..except roaches. I haven’t come to appreciate roaches yet, even though I’ve tried. I’m sure someday I will even be okay with them.ย