Nurturing the Beginner Mindset

Hi Friends!

This morning in my meditation, I saw a deer. When I saw it, I got the word, “Innocence.”

Deer photo by Dave Dyet
Thank you to Dave Dyet for these beautiful photos.

As I noticed more about the image, the deer started feeling real to me. I could feel its hair as I stroked it. I could see its ears twitch. And then I felt its strength, which was a surprise to me. I realized that having the quality of innocence does not mean weakness. Instead, I felt its primal nature. I felt like it was innocent in the sense that it was natural, relying on primal instinct, rather than being trained or domesticated.

Deer photo by Dave Dyet

I asked my Spirit Guides, What do you want me to know about innocence? What is this deer showing me? Here’s the message I received:

Be kind to yourself. Be understanding of yourself. Listen to your heart.

Stop judging. Start understanding.

Give leeway. Accept mistakes. Understand.

Move forward. Learn and grow. You are learning. 

I just saw the image of a baby deer trying to walk. Its legs are wobbly and awkward at first until it gets the hang of it and builds its strength.

You will wobble, you will fall. Get back up and try again. Keep trying and doing until it becomes natural. You are in an innocent state, a learning state. Accept the weakness that comes from inexperience and continue to grow. You criticize your weakness instead of embracing and nurturing it.

You are an innocent. Be kind to yourself. Be understanding. Be nurturing. Allow yourself to develop naturally over time. By practicing, falling, and getting back up. That is the only way to learn. Be kind. Be nurturing. Be understanding.

This reminder, to be okay with not being “perfect” and embrace being a beginner, is something I often need to remind myself.

Is there an area of your life where you are feeling not good enough? Do you need the reminder that you are learning and growing? I hope you take the words of my Spirit Guides to heart and be kind, nurturing, and understanding of yourself. We are all on this journey to learn. It is more peaceful for ourselves and for other people when we accept what we view as mistakes, dust ourselves off, and keep moving forward.

Sending you love,

Melanie Jade 🙂


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