Bills Redefined

1071930_check_book_and_statementDo you love paying your bills each month?  I mean, do you get a thrill of excitement pulsing through your body at the mere sight of an envelope with clear plastic film covering your address?  No? We are going to redefine the way we view bills, and by the end of this article, they are even going to have a new name.

What are bills?

A friend of mine at church told me his way of viewing bills, and I love it.  He says that instead of thinking of paying bills, he offers “monetary thanks for services”.  Think about it.  Let’s take electricity.  Every month, the electric company sends electricity to your home.  They enable you to cook, do laundry, have heat and cooling, enjoy a hot shower, and greatly increase your level of comfort in your home.  Isn’t that awesome?  Thank goodness someone worked to create an electric company so we could have all those amazing comforts in our lives.  Each month they send us a statement that reminds us of the level of comfort they provided the entire month.  In appreciation and thanks, we send them money to help support their business.  We want them to stay in business and we’re so thankful they do so that we can continue to enjoy the comfort they provide.

Attitude of Gratitude

This attitude can be used for everything you give monetary thanks for.  A big one for me was my credit card.  For most of my life, I’ve never carried a balance on my credit card.  Then, I paid for hypnotherapy school and went several months between jobs.  I heard this new way of looking at bills at a time when I was feeling frustrated by interest fees and looking for a no-interest credit card to transfer my balance to.  When I looked at it differently, I became so thankful to Capital One that I started crying.  My hypnotherapy training is priceless to me.  I was only able to go because they agreed to lend me the money to pay for it.  The only reason I could pay some of my bills during those few months between jobs was with my credit card.  Thank Goodness for Capital One.  I began to see everything in a new light and decided not to transfer my balance.  I wanted to show my appreciation to them by paying them back.  Every month I take a moment before I hit the “Send Payment” button until I feel very thankful and filled with joy and gratitude toward them.


Every week, we say an affirmation of abundance at my church.  I think it’s a great affirmation to get us into a positive mindset of abundance before we give monetary thanks for all the services people and companies provide for us.

Divine Love,

as me,

blesses and multiplies all that I have,

all that I give,

and all that I receive.

I know that as I give thanks to various companies for their services, even more abundance is coming back to me as well.  And for that, I am so grateful.

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