Tarot Tip: How to do a Blind Reading

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If you read your own tarot cards or do psychic readings for yourself, you know it can be difficult at times to be objective when you are emotionally connected to the outcome. Sometimes the answers look confusing or contradictory, and it can definitely be frustrating. That’s where today’s tarot tip comes into play. When you need an objective reading, try doing a blind reading! (By the way, this technique works for all kinds of divination and psychic readings, including readings without cards, rune readings, pendulum, and oracle cards.)

What is a Blind Reading?

You might be saying, “Melanie, I can see just fine. What’s all this nonsense about a blind reading?” A blind reading is when you interpret your tarot cards without knowing which question your cards are for. This way, you read the cards objectively.

How to do a Blind Reading

1. On a piece of paper or on your computer, write/type all the questions you would like insight into. It helps to be more objective if you have questions on different subjects or are considering several different possibilities about one subject. Number your questions.

2. Get several scraps of paper of the same size and appearance and number each one according to how many questions you have (one number per scrap of paper). Flip over, fold, or ball your pieces of paper and shuffle them so you don’t know which number is on which scrap of paper.

3. Lay your scraps in front of you and draw tarot cards for each one. Follow your intuition as to how many tarot cards you will draw. (If you are using your psychic insight instead of cards, at this point you focus on the pieces of paper one at a time and write down your insights. If you have yes/no answers, you can use a pendulum over each piece of paper.)

Good Witch Bad Witch deck by Gillian Kemp

4. One by one, turn over the cards and write down your interpretations and intuitive insights.

5. Finally, open your scraps of paper so you know which cards were for which question.

An Example Reading

My Questions

  1. Will Mark and I purchase our first home in the Eastern United States?
  2. In the Central United States?
  3. In the Western United States (including Alaska & Hawaii)?
  4. Outside of the United States?

I numbered my pieces of paper, shuffled them, and spread them face-down on the floor. Then I drew a card for each piece of paper. I used my Good Witch Bad Witch deck, which I won in the monthly giveaway on My Wings of Desire blog. I love the artwork used for this deck. Here are my results:

Good Witch Bad Witch deck by Gillian Kemp

My Interpretation

(from left to right)

The Toil & Trouble Witch – I think this card says loud and clear that we will not be living in this area of the country. I see obstacle after obstacle.

The Venomous Witch – Again, this speaks very clearly. As soon as I turned it over, I heard, “Ahhhggg!!!!” in my head. The snakes look like they’re arguing, and again I see trouble in this area. Fighting and drama. However, I do love her dress 🙂

The Fire Witch – Ooh! Now this one looks promising. This woman is literally shining her light. She looks determined and bright, sharing her message boldly. Ahhh…this is me on my confident days. I love those days 🙂 I also see a structure built in the background, the first of these cards so far. It looks like Stonehenge. It literally says to me a structure that will be around for a long time. House anyone???

The Brown Witch – The first thing that stood out to me is that the woman’s face looks kinda mean. I’ve had this card before and felt it was very positive, but this time it doesn’t. The beautiful harvest looks covered in bugs, spider webs, and yuckiness. This doesn’t look like a place I will live.

The best looking card is definitely The Fire Witch. It’s also the only “Good Witch” card of this bunch. The number of the card is XX (20), and I have been seeing X’s all over the place, so this reinforces a symbol I’ve been seeing a lot of. It looks like the rune Gebo, which means gift and good fortune, among other things. I’ll take it 🙂

So which witch is which? (Ha! I just had to play on the words there. It’s late, okay? I take my giggles where I can get them.) I flipped over my numbered pieces of paper, and here are the results:

Good Witch Bad Witch deck by Gillian Kemp

3 – The Toil & Trouble Witch – Western U.S. – nope!

1 – The Venomous Witch – Eastern U.S. – nope!

4 – The Fire Witch – Outside U.S. – hmm…interesting! When I showed the cards to Mark without telling him what area of the world each card represented, he accurately said this one looked like the one to go with and that he thought it represented living outside the United States. My honey is so psychic!

2 – The Brown Witch – Central U.S. – nope. This is where a lot of our family members live, and one of the things I thought when I saw this card was that we might spend our Thanksgiving and Christmas here 🙂

*I did this reading several months ago, and since that time Mark and I have thought a lot about the results of this reading and what we want in our first home. Now when I do this reading, I get a different answer, so we shall see!

I hope this method makes your readings easier. Let me know what you think! Do you have other methods for dealing with a reading you are emotionally involved in?

Lots of love,

Melanie Jade 🙂

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