Inspiration for Your Life

Changing Careers: Is now a good time?

Hi Friends! I get it. Your job sucks and you want something different. But is now a good time? Currently, we’re dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, and there are big changes happening with companies around the world. Many of my clients have told me they… Continue Reading

I’m back! Readings Available!

                  Hi Friends! I recently took time off to spend time with my new baby boy, and now I’m back to doing readings! I have phone and email readings available, and I’ve added frequently asked questions to… Continue Reading

A Reminder About Divine Timing

It’s so easy to skip taking time to listen within when life feels busy. Lately when I get home, I either want to watch lighthearted baking championships on TV and take a nap, or I want to do homey projects to prepare for our new… Continue Reading

Free Reading for October!

Hello Friends! In the spirit of October/Halloween, I decided to do a reading for you with the¬†Good Witch, Bad Witch deck. This deck has beautiful images of witches, cats, and spiders…perfect for Halloween. I thought it would be fun to use these cards as a… Continue Reading

Fall Bucket List

Hi Friends! I’m so excited for fall! The temperature has dropped in my neck of the woods, and it’s been raining…lovely, lovely fall! But the real reason I’m SO excited for fall is because it means I only have 2 more months of nursing school… Continue Reading