Inspiration for Your Life

Free Reading! Pick a Pineapple for your message!

Hi Friends! I just love these bright, cheery colors! I hope this reading brightens your day! To get your message, think of your favorite dessert. (Maybe I shouldn’t write these posts when I’m hungry!) As you picture that dessert, feel the joy of any memories… Continue Reading

Free Reading: Pick a Magic Pumpkin!

Hello Friends! It’s time to pick a magical pumpkin and get a message from your Spirit Guides! To get the most out of this reading, think of a fun memory! Let those feelings of lightness, fun, playfulness, and ease fill your body. Ask which magical… Continue Reading

Feeling Anxious During Pandemic? 3 Tips for Coping

Hi Friends! Many of you have contacted me because you’re feeling anxious during the pandemic. This is completely understandable because our underlying sense of safety has been shaken. Many of us are scared, uncertain, anxious, and feel isolated. In today’s video, I’m sharing 3 key… Continue Reading

How Your Daily Intuition is Helping You

Hi Friends! Every day your intuition is helping you. It might send a message through a nudge, gut feeling, something you hear or see…any of these things can be signs from your intuition. Sometimes the message might be about something so inconsequential that you wonder… Continue Reading

Is there really divine timing?

Hi Friends! Can a chocolate delivery prove divine timing? In this video I share a fun story about chocolate & divine timing! You’ll also learn how you can use divine timing to make your life easier, whether you believe in it or not. After you… Continue Reading