Inspiration for Your Life

Cosmo Tells All

A few mornings ago, I was contemplating getting out of bed when my pretty kitty came in to greet me.  She sat beside the bed and stared at me expectantly.  I tuned into her thoughts, and she told me that Mark hadn’t paid any attention… Continue Reading

Conversations with Cosmo

Cosmo is our kitty cat.  She and I have had quite the journey together.  What began as a tumultuous relationship became a blessing in disguise as I learned to develop a new psychic ability. Cosmo was Mark’s cat originally, and when I first met her,… Continue Reading

How do you react to your fears?

I had a dream recently where I was given a message from my Spirit Guides about how to react when I encounter fear. I was in a valley with tall hills on either side of me. There was a cheetah running on the hillside to… Continue Reading

Dandelion Meditation

I was meditating the other day and given a beautiful message. I was a dandelion seed floating in the air. You know the part with a seed on one end and white fluff on the other? I was drifting along in the breeze. But I… Continue Reading

Energy Blueprint for Physical Manifestation

One of the guides I see often is Merlin the Magician. He is very very cool. He’s got sparkling crystal-blue eyes, long gray beard, deep purple hat and cloak with stars and moons on it…the works. His energy is very happy, light, and effervescent; it… Continue Reading

Tough Love from Spirit Guides

Building my relationship with Spirit Guides is one of the most rewarding things I’ve done in my life.  One of the things that occurred to me to write about today was something about their personalities and how we interact. Most of the time we are… Continue Reading

Peace Poem

As I went to write this blog, a guide who looked like a Buddhist monk appeared and shared a poem with me about peace. He wore a light green shawl, had very tanned skin, had a round face, no shoes, and a robe.  He paused between… Continue Reading

Spirit Guide Talks About Spirit Communication

A Spirit Guide who came across like a professor gave me this insight about communicating with Spirit Guides.  The colored text is from the guide. There are so many ways to communicate with guides. You can meditate, spend time in nature, write, talk, observe… You… Continue Reading