Butterfly Meditation

Butterfly Meditation

Last week my hubby and I went to a nature center nearby, and there were hundreds of monarch butterflies! They were making their migration to Mexico, and just watching them was so relaxing.

I thought about how meditation (calming the mind and releasing worries) can sometimes be achieved just by sitting still and looking at something beautiful – a sunset, your child playing in the yard, and in my case, monarch butterflies enjoying the beautiful flowers.

Their presence was too beautiful and peaceful not to share, so I took a video and am sharing it for you to enjoy today! I hope you take a couple of minutes to recharge and let yourself relax. Let your thoughts and worries fade to the background as you watch these beautiful creatures enjoy the day.

Watching this video was the best meditation I’ve had all week. I was mesmerized by their fluttering, and all my cares drifted away. This is a great way to bring more peace into your life. Take some time to sit and watch nature, either with this video or in your neighborhood. And if you want more guidance about what you can do to feel more peaceful, get a message from your Spirit Guides with my free reading.

Sending you love and peace,



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