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Free Reading: What is missing in your life?

Hi Friends! Here’s another free reading for you! Find out what is missing in your life (it’s probably different from what you’re thinking). These messages were inspired by my Spirit Guides, so I hope they have extra special meaning for you. To pick your card,… Continue Reading

Laughter Yoga: Laughter IS the best medicine

Hi Friends! I recently won a Morgan’s Tarot Deck from Helen at MyWingsofDesire.  You all know I love the Pearls of Wisdom deck, which is full of vibrant colors, so I was surprised when I found myself drawn to the black and white, simplistic, Morgan’s… Continue Reading

Be Where You Are

Hi Friends, I had an interesting meditation the other day. I saw myself in a field, and my head was tilted all the way back.  I was looking up to the sky and looking every which way seeking answers. Then, I felt gentle hands tilting… Continue Reading

Inventive Journaling

Hi Friends! Here’s a manifesting technique to get you feeling that what you want to create in your life already exists.  That idea may seem silly, but when you are feeling like what you want already exists, you open your mind to creative ideas to… Continue Reading

What to do When You Feel Fearful: Part 2

Hi Friends! This is the sequel to the post I wrote yesterday about techniques to help get past feeling fearful when you’re taking a leap of faith and creating your ideal life.  Sometimes it can be scary or you may completely doubt that what you… Continue Reading

What to Do When You Feel Fearful: Part 1

Hello Friends! I mentioned in my post, What’s Your Wish for the New Year? Go For It!, that sometimes while taking yet another leap of faith, I am terrified that it won’t work out, that I’m not hearing my Guides properly, or that I’ll miss… Continue Reading

Astrology 101 with Anne Westlund

I am so THRILLED to be sharing the following interview with you!  I want to provide the best materials and resources on this site, and I am a total newbie at astrology.  Anne Westlund (that’s her friendly picture on the left) wrote to me several… Continue Reading

Hay House Radio

I just found out about an amazing resource!  So many of my favorite books are published by Hay House, and I just found out about Hay House radio, an online radio program!  They have shows with amazing spiritual authors like Wayne Dyer, Sonia Choquette, John… Continue Reading

Bills Redefined

Do you love paying your bills each month?  I mean, do you get a thrill of excitement pulsing through your body at the mere sight of an envelope with clear plastic film covering your address?  No? We are going to redefine the way we view… Continue Reading