Free Readings

Free Valentine’s Reading! Pick-a-Card

Here’s a free reading to¬†celebrate Valentine’s Day! The focus is self-love and treating yourself with understanding and compassion. After the reading, you will feel uplifted, more peaceful, and filled with love. Enjoy!

Free Reading: Which Affirmation is for You Today?

Today I’m sharing 3 affirmations inspired by the Power Thought Cards by Louise Hay! Pick a number (1-2-3) to get the affirmation meant for you today! As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Free Reading! Pick a Pineapple for your message!

Hi Friends! I just love these bright, cheery colors! I hope this reading brightens your day! To get your message, think of your favorite dessert. (Maybe I shouldn’t write these posts when I’m hungry!) As you picture that dessert, feel the joy of any memories… Continue Reading

Free Reading: Pick a Magic Pumpkin!

Hello Friends! It’s time to pick a magical pumpkin and get a message from your Spirit Guides! To get the most out of this reading, think of a fun memory! Let those feelings of lightness, fun, playfulness, and ease fill your body. Ask which magical… Continue Reading

Free Reading for October!

Hello Friends! In the spirit of October/Halloween, I decided to do a reading for you with the¬†Good Witch, Bad Witch deck (now called The Modern Wiccan Box of Spells). This deck has beautiful images of witches, cats, and spiders…perfect for Halloween. I thought it would… Continue Reading

Free Reading: Pick a Color & Get a Message!

If you’ve been thinking it’s difficult to get a message from Spirit Guides, this free reading will help you out. Just take a deep breath, exhale slowly, and pick the color that you feel drawn to. Don’t just pick your favorite color. See which one… Continue Reading