Free Readings

Free Reading! Pick a Pineapple for your message!

Hi Friends! I just love these bright, cheery colors! I hope this reading brightens your day! To get your message, think of your favorite dessert. (Maybe I shouldn’t write these posts when I’m hungry!) As you picture that dessert, feel the joy of any memories… Continue Reading

Free Reading: Pick a Magic Pumpkin!

Hello Friends! Doesn’t this seem like the perfect free reading theme for October? And you know they had to be magical pumpkins because what other kind is there? To get the most out of this reading, think of a fun memory! Let those feelings of… Continue Reading

Free Reading for October!

Hello Friends! In the spirit of October/Halloween, I decided to do a reading for you with the Good Witch, Bad Witch deck (now called The Modern Wiccan Box of Spells). This deck has beautiful images of witches, cats, and spiders…perfect for Halloween. I thought it would… Continue Reading

Free Reading: Pick a Color & Get a Message!

If you’ve been thinking it’s difficult to get a message from Spirit Guides, this free reading will help you out. Just take a deep breath, exhale slowly, and pick the color that you feel drawn to. Don’t just pick your favorite color. See which one… Continue Reading