Free Readings

Free Reading: What is missing in your life?

Hi Friends! Here’s another free reading for you! Find out what is missing in your life (it’s probably different from what you’re thinking). These messages were inspired by my Spirit Guides, so I hope they have extra special meaning for you. To pick your card,… Continue Reading

Free Reading: Pick a flower & Get a Message

Hello wonderful friends! It’s time for another wonderful reading and a loving message from Spirit Guides just for YOU! When I create these readings, I ask Spirit Guides what they want you to know today, and then I write down the message I get from… Continue Reading

Free Reading! What is your spirit hoping for?

Hello my loves! It’s time for another free reading! Today’s reading will help you get a message from your spirit, the part of you that always knows your direction. When I do readings for my clients, I often hear the voice of their spirit along with… Continue Reading

Hear It From Spirit May 2016: What is your purpose?

Hi Friends! This month’s Hear It From Spirit call was really special. Okay, maybe I’m biased because I think they’re all special, but this month I was able to share Spirit Guide answers to the most common questions I get asked! You’ll get guidance about finding your… Continue Reading

Free Reading: Get Help Making Your Decision

Sometimes it’s really difficult to know which decision would be best. If you are looking for clarity right now, this reading can help! First, think of your decision, and focus on one option. For example, if you’re trying decide between a house in the country or… Continue Reading