Goals & Dreams

A Reminder About Divine Timing

It’s so easy to skip taking time to listen within when life feels busy. Lately when I get home, I either want to watch lighthearted baking championships on TV and take a nap, or I want to do homey projects to prepare for our new… Continue Reading

Focus on Progress

Think of what you want most in your life right now. Do you want to find true love, have better health, a new home, a more fulfilling job, to get out of debt…if you think about how far you have to go, you’re bound to… Continue Reading

When You Knock and the Door Doesn’t Open

The saying is, “Knock and the door will open,” but sometimes you keep knocking at that door of opportunity, and it doesn’t open. I’m talking about those times when you’re ready for a relationship, and you only meet duds. You’re applying for jobs, and no… Continue Reading

When other people have what you want

Do¬†you ever feel jealous or discouraged when you see people around you who have what you want? It might seem like everyone around you has the love, happiness, success, home, children, or something else that you wish you had in your life. When you look… Continue Reading

Is it too late for you?

Do you ever feel like you’ve missed your chance? As a medium, I get to talk with really amazing people and hear their deepest fears. All of my clients have wonderful goals, and they have so much to offer the world. But so often I… Continue Reading

How to Find Your Path

Hi Friends! Have you ever wondered how to find your path? There have been several times in my life when I’ve felt like that, and most of my clients have felt that too. If you’re feeling stressed about not being on your path right now,… Continue Reading

Free Reading: What should you do next?

Hi Friends! Do you ever have those moments when you feel stuck or blank, and you don’t know what to do next? Whether you’re looking for insight on what to do next today, or what to do next to help you achieve your overall goals,… Continue Reading

Art Journal: How to Make Your Dream Come True

We all have dreams. When I was a child, I dreamed of being a Broadway star. Did I dream of being a medium? Uh…no. Talking to spirits was just my back-pocket superpower. My point is, some dreams will be accomplished, and some won’t. Some dreams… Continue Reading