Goals & Dreams

The Power of Expectation

Are you longing for something in your life and worried that it won’t happen? Maybe you’re longing to find a new job, your ideal mate, your next home, a new child, or a sense of direction. The fear that you will be stuck where you… Continue Reading

Free Reading: What’s Holding You Back?

Do you ever feel like something is holding you back from creating the life you want? I think most of us feel like that at some point. As a medium who communicates with Spirit Guides (angels and other spiritual helpers), I’ve learned that we are much… Continue Reading

Your Dreams May Already Be Coming True

What you see in the physical world is a tiny percentage of what is actually happening in your life. Remember this when your dream is taking its sweet time coming true. You may be getting healthier, getting closer to meeting your love, or a new… Continue Reading

When Fear is a Good Sign

Sometimes fear says, “Stop what you’re doing!” If you’re my husband  – climbing a ladder or doing home repair without turning off the electricity – and the voice of fear is coming from your lovely and talented wife, you should definitely listen to that fear!… Continue Reading

2 Tips to Stay Motivated

We all have goals. Small daily goals and big kahuna goals. Yours might be to run a mile or grow your business, to clean your garage (yeah, I can see it from here!) or find the love of your life. It’s easy to write down… Continue Reading

VIDEO: What is your purpose?

Have you ever wondered what your purpose is? Many people struggle with this question and feel that they are lost or falling behind if they aren’t sure of the answer. In this episode of TrueYou TV, I share what my Spirit Guides say about your… Continue Reading