Goals & Dreams

VIDEO: New Year’s Goal-Setting With Your Spirit

According to the University of Scranton Journal of Clinical Psychology, 45% of Americans make New Year’s Resolutions, but only 8% achieve their resolutions. Why isn’t the achievement number higher? My theory is that most of us make resolutions with our analytical brain instead of tuning… Continue Reading

Look how far you’ve come!

Dear Friends, Have you ever felt like your life is not moving fast enough? That success, your ideal mate, your career, your new home, more money, or whatever else you desire isn’t coming soon enough? The last time I felt like this, my Guides showed… Continue Reading

Now is the Ripe Time!

Hi Friends! The message from my Spirit Guides today is that all the abundance you need to fulfill your dreams is at hand. You already have the connections and resources you need to do what your Spirit is urging you to do right now. Sometimes… Continue Reading

Got Balls? You’ll Need ’em to Follow Your Dream

Dear Friends, I am always encouraging people to follow their dreams, and I honestly believe that is the only way to live a happy, fulfilled life.  However, I want to tell you something I’ve learned.  If you’ll pardon my vulgarity, it takes balls to follow your dreams. … Continue Reading