Health & Healing

Cleaning Your Inner Haunted House

Pumpkins are being carved, Halloween decorations are being hung, and every good witch is dusting off her broom and pointed hat. As you’re getting your outer haunted house ready, have you ever felt like there are corners of your mind that have collected a few extra spider… Continue Reading

Ask Yourself This One Question to Relieve Stress

We all encounter people and situations that cause us to feel stressed. Even though you may know intellectually that it’s your decision whether to feel stressed or not, that doesn’t always make it easier to release it. When you hold onto feelings of anger, resentment,… Continue Reading

How to Help Others Who Are Suffering

Have you ever seen a family member, friend, or someone in your community who was suffering, and you weren’t sure what you could do to help? I felt that way a few days ago, and the insight I received from my Spirit Guides made me… Continue Reading

Peaceful Acceptance of Your Body

Most of us have something about our body we’d like to change. We might want to be slimmer, fitter, to heal from an illness or injury, to be taller or shorter…you get the idea. This past year has been a study in patience and acceptance… Continue Reading