Intuitive Living

How Your Daily Intuition is Helping You

Hi Friends! Every day your intuition is helping you. It might send a message through a nudge, gut feeling, something you hear or see…any of these things can be signs from your intuition. Sometimes the message might be about something so inconsequential that you wonder… Continue Reading

Is there really divine timing?

Hi Friends! Can a chocolate delivery prove divine timing? In this video I share a fun story about chocolate & divine timing! You’ll also learn how you can use divine timing to make your life easier, whether you believe in it or not. After you… Continue Reading

When is knowing the future a good thing?

You might think that, as a psychic medium, I would focus on the future during my readings. It may surprise you to know that I focus on helping my clients feel empowered in the present. I enjoy getting glimpses into the future, but I think… Continue Reading

Is a past life holding you back?

If you have ever considered the possibility that you might have lived before, you’ve probably also wondered if something from your past life could be affecting your life now. Maybe a past life would explain why you’re scared of spiders, feel uncomfortable in a crowd, or feel… Continue Reading

Is it a sign or your imagination?

We all need reassurance at times. We need to know that we’re not facing our struggles alone, that we’re on the right path, or that our loved one who has passed is okay. I tell my clients to ask for a sign. The next logical… Continue Reading

Remembering and Interpreting Your Dreams

Dreams can give you insight into your life, your emotions, what you want and don’t want, and can be a way for your Spirit Guides and loved ones who have passed to share messages with you. Pretty cool, right? You can get so much guidance through… Continue Reading

How To Communicate with Your Pet

When I married my husband, he came with a cat named Cosmo. Cosmo hated it when I came to live with them, and she did everything she could to scare me away. With the exception of Cosmo, pets and animals love me, so I was baffled… Continue Reading

My Daily Meditation Routine

I think meditating is one of the best things you can do to improve your life, reduce stress, and get clarity on your direction. I know you’re a busy person, but meditation can easily fit into anyone’s schedule. Even 10 minutes makes a big difference.… Continue Reading

Communicating with loved ones who have dementia

If your loved one is unable to communicate due to dementia, a ventilator, comatose state, or other physical condition, you can still communicate with their spirit to get reassurance and answers. This is especially helpful if you are faced with making end-of-life decisions for your… Continue Reading