Intuitive Living

Creating a Joyful Home

Your life is precious. Everything in your life that you can control should bring you joy. And there’s a lot you can control. A good place to start is your home. This is the place that shelters your magnificent self and your fabulous loved ones.… Continue Reading

VIDEO: Protecting Yourself Against Negativity

Have you ever spoken with someone who was in a bad mood and then felt your own mood go downhill? Or been in a chaotic environment or with highly emotional people and felt completely drained after? This is caused by soaking up the energy around you.… Continue Reading

VIDEO: Dreams About Someone Dying

I frequently hear from people who have dreamed of a love one dying just before their actual death. These dreams are premonitions, and they feel very different from nightmares. How do you tell the difference between a premonition and a nightmare, and why do some… Continue Reading

VIDEO: How to See Your Aura

“Aura” is the term for the energy field around your body. Last week I showed you how to feel your aura, but you’ll have even more fun learning how to see your aura. Flashes of light, sparks, and clouds of color around people can become… Continue Reading

VIDEO: How To Feel Your Aura

Everything is energy. You, me, your dog, and my cat. There are dense energies, which are easier to see. Your body is dense energy (no offense). There are also subtler levels of energy beyond your physical body. This is called your aura. Your aura tells… Continue Reading

VIDEO: How to live in the present

There’s a lot of hype about living in the present. I know it may seem like an unrealistic goal at times. However, when we’re not focused on the present, some of us (not pointing fingers) tend to worry, feel frazzled, or miss out on the… Continue Reading