Love & Relationships

Don’t Waste Time Being Offended

When someone hurts your feelings, sometimes it’s hard to let it go. Their words or actions might play in your mind over and over, reviving those hurt feelings and preventing your relationship from moving forward. This happened to me a few months ago. After a conversation… Continue Reading

When other people have what you want

Do you ever feel jealous or discouraged when you see people around you who have what you want? It might seem like everyone around you has the love, happiness, success, home, children, or something else that you wish you had in your life. When you look… Continue Reading

Is your relationship going anywhere?

How do you know if your relationship is going anywhere? It’s such a crappy feeling to be waiting for someone you’re dating to give you a clue about how they feel. Are they serious? Do they picture getting married someday? Is this going to end in tears… Continue Reading

How to Help Others Who Are Suffering

Have you ever seen a family member, friend, or someone in your community who was suffering, and you weren’t sure what you could do to help? I felt that way a few days ago, and the insight I received from my Spirit Guides made me… Continue Reading

Art Journal: Love Is All Around

Sometimes you just need a reminder that you’re loved and supported in everything you do. Today, I’m sharing an art journal and message from my Spirit Guides that love is all around. To notice the love all around you, start by feeling gratitude. Feel your… Continue Reading

VIDEO: How to Truly Love Someone

You know those people who you can just be yourself with? You don’t have to worry about looking or acting a certain way. They’re the people you know you can go to no matter what decisions you’ve made or challenges you’re facing, and they will… Continue Reading