Love & Relationships

VIDEO: Overcoming Being Lied To

We’ve all been lied to at some point. A boyfriend, colleague, friend, (ex) spouse, or family member…and sometimes multiple times by the same person! Apart from the shock and hurt when you find out the truth, being lied to can also lead to long-term resentment… Continue Reading

VIDEO: Want someone to change?

Have you ever found it frustrating when you know exactly what someone else should do with their life, but they won’t do it? Me too! Not with clients (in case you’re wondering). When I’m doing a reading, I can easily see why someone is or… Continue Reading

Responding to Hate Crimes with Love

[box type=”info”]A shortened version of this post was published in the Dallas Morning News Letters to the Editor on April 19, 2014. [/box] Hi Friends, This morning when I woke up, I read about the recent shooting of three people at a Jewish center in Kansas.… Continue Reading

Meditation for Healing Relationships

Hi Friends! Is there someone in your life right now who gets on your nerves? Or maybe someone who seems so brainless and uncouth that you roll your eyes every time they have the nerve to speak in your presence? Or someone who is cruel… Continue Reading

Mark’s Proposal :)

Hello Friends! Now you know how I met the love of my life and discovered when Mark got a clue, so now I’m sharing our super amazing proposal story.  It all started when Mark and I were preparing for our anniversary.  It was a few… Continue Reading

How I Met the Love of My Life: Part 2

Dear Friends, I hope you enjoyed reading part 1 of How I Met the Love of My Life.  Did it put you in the Valentine’s mood?  I have to admit it’s a pretty awesome love story.  But what happened next?  Do you  think Mark knew… Continue Reading