Loved Ones in Spirit

How Far Away Are Deceased Loved Ones?

You might have been told that your deceased loved ones are in heaven. Or maybe you were told they are still with you. But how far away are they really? Once they leave their body, where do they go? Twenty minutes after my husband’s grandfather… Continue Reading

Roses From Loved Ones In Spirit

When I’m doing a reading to connect with a loved one who has passed into spirit, I get some of the messages in the form of symbols. The spirits know what my symbols are and try to use them, but sometimes they will create their… Continue Reading

Dealing with Death and the Grieving Process

Hi Friends, I know I’ve been quiet on my blog the past week. Mark’s grandfather passed away, and we have been healing emotionally and working together as a family to make arrangements and help everyone through this transition. This is the first time someone I… Continue Reading