Quick Meditation for Chocolate Lovers!

This is a quick, easy, relaxing meditation for people who love chocolate! I’ll guide you through releasing stress and feeling grounded while enjoying a scrumptious box of chocolate – calorie-free!

Video: Affirmations for a Joyful Life

My hubby and I took a walk in a nature center recently, and I recorded footage of the flowers and trees, the bees flying, the windmill turning…all the details of that peaceful day. I added calming music and uplifting affirmations about choosing a joyful path, and… Continue Reading

Butterfly Meditation

Last week my hubby and I went to a nature center nearby, and there were hundreds of monarch butterflies! They were making their migration to Mexico, and just watching them was so relaxing. I thought about how meditation (calming the mind and releasing worries) can sometimes… Continue Reading

3 Daily Practices for Inner Peace

  I think one of the best things you can do to prepare yourself for a wonderful day is to take care of yourself first. When you take care of your physical, spiritual, and emotional needs, you create a foundation of peace that will help… Continue Reading

Sun Meditation

This quick, 7 minute sun meditation will help you feel more peaceful and focused, and it’s short enough to easily fit into your day. Sneak it in before you tackle your to-do list, during your lunch break, or when you first get home from work… Continue Reading

My Daily Meditation Routine

I think meditating is one of the best things you can do to improve your life, reduce stress, and get clarity on your direction. I know you’re a busy person, but meditation can easily fit into anyone’s schedule. Even 10 minutes makes a big difference.… Continue Reading

6 Tips for Using Guided Meditations

Listening to guided meditations is a great way to quickly feel relaxed, calm your mind, and even get a message from your spiritual team (check out my Talking to Angels meditation & video set for this). I know that many people stress about doing meditation the… Continue Reading