My Journal

Sewing Tips from Spirits

Hello All, Hello all you wonderful, brilliant, shining beings of light!  (How’s that for an intro?)  Anyhoo, I had the coolest thing happen this morning.  And yes, this does have to do with my recent sewing obsession!  Don’t be surprised if every post on my… Continue Reading

My Inner Crafter

My inner crafter has been popping her head up in my life recently, and I’m really excited about letting her express her beautiful talents.  I love crafty crafting projects.  I love making artsy fartsy things.  A recent green project my honey and I are working… Continue Reading

Our Eco-Wedding: Introduction

Yea!!!  We’re planning an eco-wedding!!!!!  I’m so excited!!!!  Okay, catching my breath now.  Phew!  Mark and I are getting married, and after learning so much about eco-friendly living, we’ve decided to have an eco-friendly wedding.  I’ve decided to blog about the process on the website,… Continue Reading


I learned a new word last night in my dream – complicake.  So far, we’ve concocted two meanings for it. This is the meaning it had in the dream.  Someone was saying something was complicated, but instead they said, “Complicake.”  I was confused and repeated… Continue Reading

Thanksgiving Story

I had such a wonderful evening!  I was invited to share the story of how Mark and I met during the Thanksgiving church service tonight.  At first, I was so excited.  Then I thought, “How in the world am I going to condense our story… Continue Reading

Circus Kitty Cosmo

I have a plan to teach Cosmo to be a Circus cat.  I decided when I gave her treats, I would trow them over a stick I was holding and see if she jumped over.  She caught on very quickly!  She jumps over the stick… Continue Reading

Courageous Kitty Cosmo

Kitty Cosmo has always been an inside cat and has been terrified of the outdoors.  We have been taking her with us when we visit my mom so she can play with my mom’s cat, who loves going outside.  When it’s nice outside, we all… Continue Reading

Cosmo Tells All

A few mornings ago, I was contemplating getting out of bed when my pretty kitty came in to greet me.  She sat beside the bed and stared at me expectantly.  I tuned into her thoughts, and she told me that Mark hadn’t paid any attention… Continue Reading

Conversations with Cosmo

Cosmo is our kitty cat.  She and I have had quite the journey together.  What began as a tumultuous relationship became a blessing in disguise as I learned to develop a new psychic ability. Cosmo was Mark’s cat originally, and when I first met her,… Continue Reading