My Journal

Post-Election Thoughts

This morning I have been trying to return to a place of peace and love. I’m finding it to be a struggle. So much hate has been stirred up in this election. So much fear and bigotry. And I want to leave that energy behind me. What… Continue Reading

Diary of a Medium: Stories from Christmas

Hi Friends! I had a wonderful holiday season, and I hope you did too! I want to share some of the funny things that happened this Christmas in my world of intuition and loving spirits. My sweet hubby tries to surprise me with lovely gifts… Continue Reading

Interview with Melanie The Medium!

This week I did an interview for the Sivana Spirit Blog! You can read messages from my Spirit Guides, get the scoop on what (and who) has been most inspiring to me, and read the story of one of my most memorable readings. Check it… Continue Reading

Life is Beautiful: Gulf Fritillary Butterfly

We spotted this Gulf Fritillary butterfly while walking with our family at Paynes Prairie State Park in Florida. My talented brother-in-law, Hayden Rummel, captured its beauty in these photos.

Adventure vs. Stability: Finding the Balance

It’s our second week in Guanajuato, Mexico! The first week I soaked up the adventure of being in a new place with a new language, new customs, new people, finding a home…the list of “New” was extensive! Ha! But the second week I found myself… Continue Reading