My Journal

Fairytale Pumpkin Land Extravaganza!

Hi Friends! Mark and I went to Whole Foods the other day, and I was flabbergasted by their pumpkin display! It reminded me that fall is almost here! Yea! Yea! Yea! These aren’t your usual pumpkins, although they did have the traditional beautiful, bright orange… Continue Reading

A Glimpse Into Our Happy Home

Hi Friends! I want to share another happy painting project with you today. My Spirit loves to paint. If I haven’t painted something for a few days, I’ll start hearing songs in my head about painting, and that works as a nudge from my Spirit… Continue Reading

July Walk by the Creek

Hi Friends! Mark and I took a walk a few days ago to enjoy the creek and trails by our home, and I want to share some of the photos with you. Summers in Texas are hot. Maybe you’ve heard? 🙂 It regularly gets over… Continue Reading

Changeable Clouds, Changeable Life

Hi Friends! Mark and I went to a concert in the park to celebrate his birthday this week. We walked there from our new home, blanket in tow, grabbed Chipotle on the way, and then stretched out on the grass by the pond when we… Continue Reading

Dishes, Dreams, and Dreams-Come-True

Hi Friends! Do you remember when Mark and I went to Asheville, North Carolina, to help his Great Aunt Libby move? In order to move to her smaller residence, Libby wanted to distribute many of her possessions to family members. One of the gifts she… Continue Reading

New Home Happy!

Hi Friends! The week before we moved into our apartment, I was doing my Meet Spirit Guides hypnosis track, and I asked my Spirit Guides for reassurance about us moving into our new home. I had some worries creep up, and I needed to know… Continue Reading

Thoughts Are Like Bubbles…

Hi Friends! I went outside the other day at my mom’s house and spotted a tube of bubbles. My Spirit said, “Wahoo!!!” so I decided to play. I had so much fun watching the bubbles float out of the garden and over the rooftops…far, far… Continue Reading

Seeing Beauty Everywhere!

Hi Friends! As I mentioned in this month’s newsletter, Mark and I sought to find beauty in Texas by walking along the lake nearby. I’m happy to report that we found LOTS of beauty 🙂 The wildflowers were everywhere! If you look closely at the… Continue Reading

Life and Art: Taking Shape Over Time

Hi Friends! Let me introduce you to my mom’s cat, Midnight. You may remember her from Cosmo Strikes Again. Right now (I’m happy to report) Cosmo and Midnight are getting along. Hopefully that good behavior will continue for a few weeks until we move into… Continue Reading

Moving Back to Texas

Hi Friends! Mark and I went on our first Texas walk today after being gone for almost two years, and I’ve decided to share some of the pretty pictures I took of the wildflowers with you. We’ve decided to live in Texas for the next… Continue Reading