My Journal

Release the Past, Bloom in the Present

Hi Friends! Releasing the past is a common idea. Usually when we think about this concept, we think of big, emotional events – people who have hurt us, regrets we have, and things we think we should have done differently. Today I’m sharing a story… Continue Reading

Adventure Day at Crescent Beach

Hi Friends! If you’ve been following me on facebook, you know that Mark and I took off a day last week to go to Crescent Beach, Florida. (If you’re not on my facebook yet, you’re really missing out. Daily inspirational messages from Spirit Guides. Fo’… Continue Reading

First Day of Spring in Our Garden

Hi Friends! Yesterday was the first day of spring in the US, so Mark and I spent several hours outside in our garden enjoying the sunshine, the gentle breeze, the flowers, the lake…it was a beautiful day! I took pictures so you could enjoy the… Continue Reading

Paynes Prairie State Park

Hi Friends! Mark and I have recently decided to have a big outdoor adventure each week. We go walking different places every day, but our adventure day is when we dedicate several hours to enjoying a beautiful place in nature.  Even though we both love… Continue Reading

My First Day With The Horses

Hi Friends! Guess what?! Yesterday I had the wonderful privilege of working as a volunteer at Mill Creek Farm in Florida. It’s a retirement home for horses, and I was there to help them groom several of their horses (they have over 100!). I’ve been… Continue Reading

Join me on a photo expedition!

Hi Friends! I was at my desk yesterday, and suddenly the trees outside called me to come out into the sunshine and go on a photo expedition! I grabbed my honey (who is always up for a fun adventure), my camera, and my smile and… Continue Reading

Nocturnal Phases

Hi Friends! Do you ever go through nocturnal phases? Phases when, no matter how much you want to, you cannot go to sleep at night, and instead, you sleep all morning? That’s what I’ve been doing the past couple of nights. I should have known… Continue Reading

Psychic Journal: Trip to Raleigh, North Carolina

Hi Friends! Almost every day in my correspondence with the wonderful people who visit my site (like you!) I suggest keeping a psychic journal. Psychic means “of the soul”, and a psychic journal is where you write down your messages, nudges, visions, and other experiences… Continue Reading

My Crazy Passport Story

Hi Friends! Have you ever had what you thought was a really good plan and set it in motion, only to have it thwarted by the Universe? It just happened to me! Grab a drink and lemme tell ya the crazy story about my passport…… Continue Reading